Imbolc – Goddess Brigid Tarot Spread

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On the 1st of February, I will be celebrating Imbolc. Some of us celebrate on the Eve of the Feast Day, i.e. the first day of February, but I know plenty of Pagans who celebrate on the 2nd. To each their own.

This is a festival in honour of the Celtic triple solar Goddess Brigid.  Many centuries ago, this celebration started coinciding with the Christian feast of Candlemas – a celebration in honour of the Virgin Mother of God.

What both these festivals have in common is that they celebrate the return of the light after a season of darkness. The Goddess emerges after her long sleep. There are many ways of celebrating her return. Personally, I like to decorate my home with yellow, white, orange and red flowers (solar colours) as well as lots of gold-coloured candles.


I have created a spread based on the three main attributes of the Goddess Brigid. She is the Goddess of the Fires of Inspiration, the Forge and the Hearth.

Pull one card for each of the three Fires:

Goddess Brigid Tarot Spread for Imbolc

1. The Fire of Inspiration – How I can allow my muse to be heard?

2. The Fire of the Forge – How can I dedicate the work of my hands to the good of mankind?

3. The Fire of the Hearth – How can I be a healing presence in the life of my nearest and dearest?


Goddess Brigid Imbolc Tarot Reading

The Goddess Brigid answers:

1. The Sun – Do that which makes you truly happy. Don’t be afraid to forge new paths. Now is a time to lead, not to follow. Childlike joy guides you. You are blessed.

2. 3 of Disks (Mars in Capricorn) – You are already a busy bee doing what you love. Keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to involve yourself with others. There are many who strive to bring healing and sound structures to the planet. You may need to create a schedule for yourself as your ideas are more numerous than the hours of the day. Delegate.

3. The Queen of Wands (last decan of Pisces and first two of Aries) – Don’t worry too much if you fall behind with your chores. Your current state of inspiration brings good cheer to those you love even if your senses are not adjusted to detailed housework. But people still need to eat, so let the magick flow into the kitchen. Cook with the same warmth and gusto that you do your readings, woman! Cooking can be a form of alchemy too, especially if you sprinkle the food with love…

Brightest Imbolc Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Such a simple but thought provoking spread. I did this last night and I’m not surprised by the messages.
    Thank you Lisa.

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