The Mystical Sign Tarot Spread

the mystical sign tarot spread

Have you ever had something quite extraordinary that seems to defy natural explanation happen to you? It seems to be some kind of miracle or sign that cannot quite be explained but you know that it is highly significant. I created the 5-card Mystical Sign Tarot Spread above for just this kind of event. It is an adaptable Tarot spread and can also be used for dream interpretation.



1. What is the main idea connected with this sign?
2. Who/what is behind this idea?
3. How can I implement the idea of this sign/miracle in my life?
4. What will the outcome be if I implement this idea?
5. Potential challenge along the way.

The sign I received that led to the creation of the Mystical Sign Tarot Spread was a Bible reference miraculously appearing when I posted the picture below on the Spiritus Abbey FB page.

This is the text that appeared above the picture and embedded itself as the caption completely without my doing: Shepherds Told of the Birth of the Messiah Luke 2:8-15 I had my tech-savvy partner examine the picture in-depth and there is no text attached to it. (I added a link to the Bible passage here so that you can easily find it.)

The miraculous appearance of this Bible reference was reason enough for me to dust my Bible off and read said passage, but I needed to know more, so I got my Tarot de Paris deck out:

Sample Reading of the Mystical Sign Tarot Spread with Tarot de Paris

1. Main idea: Ace of Water (trad. Cups). Tears welled up in my eyes when this card appeared. The very same card appeared twice in a row, from two different decks, the morning after Jesus appeared in a vision back in September 2007. In the vision, he laid his hands on my head and told me I was a member of the Order of the White Dove. Clearly, the main idea is to meditate on the message of the vision.

2. Who or what is behind this: 2 of Water. The Beloved. More tears… stunned silence…

3. How to implement the idea: III The Empress (Venus). My soul card. The Goddess of the white dove… Wow… I’m to implement the idea through being… through the heart…

4. Outcome: 6 of Water. Deep emotional fulfilment through deepened mystical intimacy with the Beloved. Spiritual communion. Leading a heart-centred, compassionate life. An infusion of passion into my faith.

5. Challenge. 5 of Swords. Struggle and mental conflict. The ego makes me doubt the reality of both the vision and the miracle of the text appearing out of nowhere. This is already happening… and I’m already having to learn to let go of these doubts. There is nothing I wish for more dearly than to be able to live from the heart. The main theme for me in this incarnation is learning to love.

I don’t normally post two articles on the same day but I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

This is without a doubt one of the most emotional and meaningful readings I have done for myself. I hope you feel inspired reading it.

Miracles always seem to happen when we least expect them.

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