Is It Love Or Is It Karma? 7 Signs That It Is Time To Cut The Cords


Have you found yourself in a relationship with someone that you feel irresistibly drawn to in spite of feeling awful around them most of the time? It feels so fated that you tell yourself it is meant to be. You keep splitting up and getting back together… Or, when it is a friendship, you find yourself being used, subtly put down or back-stabbed yet unable to let go… Whatever the nature of the relationship, they are abusive… or you both are, as you seem to trigger the absolute worst in each other.

What is this all about? Do you have to stick around until one of you fall down dead? Or is there perhaps a better way…?

This kind of relationship is karmic in nature and yes, you were in fact fated to meet up. But that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in harm’s way until you have resolved your karma. Once you realise the purpose of the relationship, you can begin seeking safe distance so that you can process your own lesson. It shouldn’t be that difficult once you understand that it is not about them, it is about a reactive pattern or habit within you. Anything else, you can leave to grace to work out once you have established that you cannot communicate with the other person in a sane, safe and constructive manner.

Here are 7 signs that it is time to cut the cords:

* They turn your weaknesses against you
* Instead of mutual support, it becomes more about apportioning blame
* You feel you would die without them or that their existence depends on yours – ‘need’ rules rather than love
* You are on a constant emotional roller coaster ride with extreme highs and lows
* Your adrenal glands start working overtime when they are near (fear physiology can lead to great sexual thrills and erotic enslavement)
* They have verbally or physically abused you
* They have taken advantage of you

Please note that a couple of these signs are enough… They are clear signals to let go and move on with your life or the toxicity and abuse will keep building. Also, please know that it is OK to let go even if you are not clear on what your past life connection was. However, if you are keen to find out, I am happy to do a reading on this for you. Sometimes understanding facilitates letting go.

Or if you prefer to read for yourself, you can learn more about the Karmic Tarot cards HERE.

How to cut the cords:

* Cut all contact with the other person and delete/block them from all your social networks, phone etc.
* Forgive yourself for the reactive pattern you slipped into.
* Forgive the other person (easy once you realise that they were just as reactive as you).
* Call on Archangel Michael to clear all karmic energy cords between you in all time-space directions. It is totally OK to ask for a clean slate once you have forgiven yourself and the other person!
* Call on Archangel Raphael to effectuate healing. Play some relaxing music and hold a green aventurine while this is done.
* Call on Archangel Jeremiel to help you integrate the lesson so that it will not need to be repeated with this person or any other person with a matching pattern.
* While you ween yourself off the other person (especially if you had a strong erotic/co-dependent element to the relationship), it may be worth carrying amethyst and black obsidian for psychic protection and transmutation of the desire.


~ Lisa