long term relationship barbie

Keeping the Mystery Alive

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long term relationship barbie

This is one of those pictures that says more than a thousand words! I found it first on George Takei’s FB page and you can find more like it on the excellent Mariel / Clayton photography page.

Having had the pleasure (or should that be ‘learning experience’) of two long-term relationships, I know all too well how quickly the mystery can fade. That is why I have vowed this will not happen a third time (should I be so lucky!) and that is why I decided to create the Keeping the Mystery Alive Tarot Spread.

This spread doesn’t deal with the obvious issue brought up by the picture above so much (I will keep my private stuff private, thank you very much) but with the things you can do to keep things from getting stagnant and boring. Nobody likes to be taken for granted… Well, then consider this: What if you get taken for granted because you have forgotten how to treat yourself as special?


Keeping the Mystery Alive Tarot Spread



1. Add some magick to your beauty routine. This card will show you how. If you are not used to reading the cards for magickal beauty tips, you may need to let go of traditional card meanings completely and instead allow visual clues in the card image speak to you. You could for instance associate the card with a particular crystal and/or scent and make an essence that you spray your face/body with before you go to bed. Make your beauty routine into an opportunity to add some magick to your life and you’ll find that becomes much easier to remember to make the life you share with your partner exciting and magickal.

2. Learn something new. This card shows you something you can learn or start doing in order to develop. The card will never suggest something that you have a huge aversion for, so look for alternative interpretations and dig a bit deeper if that happens. It will be something that makes you happier and more fulfilled and thereby more attractive to be with.

3. An asset to emphasise. This is something that makes you uniquely you and that your partner will go nuts over if you allow it to shine through more. Never stop being you to please another person!

4. A false expectation to let go of. It’s been said that expectations are the termites of the relationship and it is true.

5. Celebrate your differences. Never try to merge into your partner. Never try to conform and likewise, don’t expect them to change to please you. Celebrate the uniqueness of each of you and be grateful that you are not too alike as that would quickly get dull. This card shows you how you can celebrate your differences. If you like, you can pull additional cards here for more information.

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