Key Elements of Sexual Energy in the Minor Arcana

Are some numbers sexier than others? You betcha! Is Fire hotter than Earth? You know it is!

The following analysis of the individual elemental and numerological components of the number (or pip) cards of the Minor Arcana will help you get a feel of how the sexual energy might wax and wane when any of these cards show up in a reading. This energy will ‘meet’ the energy of your question as well as of surrounding cards to inform you of the most likely trajectory of the energy you are dealing with.

Let’s begin with the four suit Elements:

Wands/Fire – Fire is raw sexual energy. It’s active/yang. It is fuelled by alcohol (Fire) and sometimes aggression (also Fire) seeks sexual expression.
Cups/Water – Water is emotional and psychic energy. It’s passive/receptive/yin. The emotional connection needed for a woman to get wet is found among these cards.
Swords/Air – Air is intellectual energy. This is the least sexual/sensual energy and it needs to be carefully grounded into the body in order to find sexual expression. This is why having a TV (activates Air) in the bedroom is a very bad idea!
Pentacles/Earth – Earth is the actual physical body and therefore the most sensual and sexual Element but it goes without saying that it needs components from the other Elements in order to get sexually ‘fired up.’

The energy of the Elements blends with and is modified by the energy of each of the numbers 1-10 to form a unique energy signature. Once you tap into this signature with your intuition/inner vision, your readings will really begin to come alive!

1. (Aces) Action, new beginnings and opportunities, gifts, initiative, originality
2. Duality, polarity, diplomacy, choices, cooperation, partnerships, tension
3. Fertility, flirtation, creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, imagination
4. Power, stability, organisation, management, efficiency, concentration
5. Flexibility, freedom-loving, highly sexed, innovative, adventurous, changeable
6. Trust, beauty, domestic, supportive, pride, problem-solving, responsible
7. Analytical, clever, research, solitude, understanding, meditation, mysticism
8. Strength, power, skill, determination, hard-working, passionate
9. Idealistic, teacher, intuitive, generous, dedication, devotion, visionary
10. The culmination and ‘seeding’ of the energy of each individual suit, legacy, endings that lead to new beginnings

The odd numbers are ‘masculine’ (+) and the even numbers are ‘feminine’ (-).

A further Astrological division is also made (Aces excluded, as they are said to be the pure form of the Element).

3-4 are cardinal – (enterprise)
5-7 are fixed – (stability)
8-10 are mutable – (adaptability)

If you keep a notebook where you dedicate a page each to each of the 78 keys, I suggest setting aside a line or two for numerology meanings where you meditate how the number feels in the Element of that particular card. The goal is to gain an intuitive feel of the energy of each card. For instance how does the number 3 feel to you when it is the Fire (Wands) Element?

Try closing your eyes after you pull your card of the day and see what you comes if you focus on the combination of the number and the Element. Then do the same specifically with sexual energy in mind. Pay attention to what surfaces in your mind’s eye and take notes!

Which Minor Arcana number card do YOU feel has the most mojo/sexual energy?


Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg