lew new moon shakti empowerment

Leo New Moon Shakti Empowerment

lew new moon shakti empowerment

The Leo New Moon on Sunday 23 of July (10:45 AM BST) is the beginning of another eclipse season – a powerful time for transformation which ends on 6 September. This is the first of TWO Leo New Moons (extremely rare!), the second happening 20 August. My inner guidance on this is that these two New Moons are bookending a powerful transmission of divine feminine energy to help restore balance and harmony to Earth

What we do as individuals matters with the highly individualistic energy of the Leo New Moon… but also what we choose to do collectively with the humanitarian Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. Now is the time to set the intent firmly that the Highest Good for all living beings be at the top of the agenda for every choice we make, both as individuals and as groups of people pulling together to save the planet. We need to stop fearing the fact that we are powerful beings who can make a difference in the world – especially when we work together.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on 7 of August will be an important time for groups to gather together to collectively send out healing into the world but we need to start preparing as individuals now, on this New Moon, so that we gather with others fully present, rooted and balanced in our divine feminine and masculine power.

The New Moon is, as always, conjunct the Sun but is joined by Mars this time. This means we have the opportunity to super charge any intent we set for this lunar cycle and the next 28 days.

However, be careful to not jump ahead of yourself and carry out major life changes unless you are completely grounded in reality and coming from a place of love. The pressure to change can really start building during eclipse season and it can be tempting to make changes that pull us out of alignment, which is the opposite of what we want to use this energy for. If in doubt, put off any major decisions until 6 September which marks the end of the season.

Things also tend to naturally come to an end during eclipse season. Usually this is for our Highest Good, even if we can’t see it at the time, because from a higher perspective, eclipses facilitate soul growth/evolution. When this happens, the best thing we can do is give thanks for the lessons whatever the thing that is ending has brought and then put as much positive energy as possible into manifesting something new and better. What ended did end to punish us – it ended to give room for something infinitely better.

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ”
C.S. Lewis

Keywords to help us step into our power this Leo New Moon: playfulness, courage, happiness, charisma, leadership, creativity, love, generosity, taking centre stage, warmth, pride

Leo activities that will help us embody the New Moon energy:

  • having fun and playing more
  • spending time being creative just for the fun of it rather than focusing on the outcome
  • inviting friends over, arranging a night out
  • buying a surprise gift for a partner or loved one
  • joyfully sharing your gifts and talents with the world
  • making an effort to brighten someone’s day, wearing the colours of the sun
  • connecting with our inner source of joy
  • setting the intent firmly to be the most joyful version of ourselves
  • choosing to trust that the Universe is a joyful place to be
  • leading by example
  • doing things that we desire to do but are afraid to (acts of courage)
  • getting a style makeover – especially hair

Simple Shakti Empowerment New Moon in Leo Ritual 23 July

The Frideborg Tarot Strength cardAs for the Shakti Empowerment that is now being made available, all you have to do is open up and you will be able to download as much of it as you are currently able to hold – and yes, this will vary depending on where you are at on your soul’s journey.

Ideally you should fast during the day if you plan on doing the ritual in the evening. At the very least abstain from rich foods, meat and alcohol.

Cast a circle and light a golden candle. If you like, you can begin your ritual by contemplating the Leo Strength card from the Tarot. Ground your energy, use your breath to centre and close your eyes. Visualise the radiance of the central sun of the cosmos and sense its intelligence with your heart. Consciously open your heart and ask in your own words for Shakti to flood your heart with her love and power for the Highest Good of all. Bask in the light and warmth for as long as you like. Complete the meditation and say out loud three times:

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Now that you are fully in your power is a good time to write down your intent for the month ahead. Focusing on one of the main key areas for Leo will work best rather than trying to cram it all in.

Making Strength the screensaver on your phone can also help with strengthening the intent for the Month ahead.

Give thanks and close the circle.

Leo New Moon Tarot Spread

1. The heart of the matter – the state of your heart chakra
2. What’s eclipsing your heart – what is blocking you from love
3. Your seat of power – the state of your solar plexus chakra
4. What’s eclipsing your power – what fear is holding you back
5. What is dying away during the eclipse season
6. Where to focus your intent over the next 28 days
7. What action to take to manifest your intent
8. What you need to be aware of at the Full Moon

If you are trying this spread and feel you need a bit of help with any of the cards, please feel free to ask in the comments. You need to share your own interpretation along with the cards you got for each position. I’m happy to help as long as you ask specifically for any card you are stuck on.

Dark Moon Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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