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Hi there, fellow HSP. This is our Tarot love and romance forecast for the weekend ahead. Sorry about the cheesy picture above. He looks like he’s in love with himself rather than her. Male models, eh? lol

For this week’s readings (singles and coupled people) I have chosen to work with the The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck, the The Romance Angels Oracle Cards and the Thelema Tarot.

The two cards at the top of the spread give the general love or romance theme for the weekend. The three cards below show how things are likely to progress and/or what you can do to help your love life thrive.

First out we have the reading for you single HSP’s…


6 Nov Weekend Love Tarot Forecast for HSP's

It looks like the theme from last weekend’s forecast continues here, as this weekend’s focus is on emotional liberation from past regret and bondage. This time we are looking at how addictions have shaped your love life. If you are a highly sensitive person who suffered abuse in childhood, you are likely to have become addicted to your body’s own hormones (primarily oxytocin) as part of a psychological self-preservation mechanism. This in turn could have lead you to experience one rollercoaster type of toxic relationship after another, with constant rifts and arguing, followed by making up. Only abuse victims accept these kind of patterns as ‘normal.’

It is also likely that you keep being attracted to a type of person you know is bad for you. It is time to release all of this, this weekend and begin healing your body’s emotional defense system. You’ve got this with a bit of help from the waning moon. This weekend is a perfect time for deep emotional healing and release of old toxic patterns. You may find this Healing Tarot spread helpful in the process.

That is not to say things can’t come at you from the outside too… it looks like fate is landing one of the good guys on your doorstep this weekend. He (or she) may not be someone you have chemistry with, but please pay attention to the qualities of friendliness and stability in this person. This is the sort of thing you should aim for if you truly wish for a long-term committed relationship.

As you may be aware, like attracts like, so rather than rushing out to look for a guy with these qualities that you do have chemistry with, start nurturing these qualities within yourself. Vow to become your own best friend and to not quit until you are completely at ease in your own skin. If you do this, you will minimise the risk of (another) co-dependent relationship and be better prepared for True Love.

To summarise the message from the Tarot: Investing in a wee bit of self-healing this weekend and vowing to become your own best friend will pay fantastic dividents in terms of attracting someone kind and stable into your life.



6 Nov Weekend Love Tarot Forecast for HSP's couples

Let your beloved know how you truly feel about them this weekend. Don’t hold back! Don’t be afraid that it will sound cheesy if your words reflect your true feelings. If your love is reciprocated, your words will make the relationship stronger.

Because there are two Aces present here, the suggestion is also to introduce something new… perhaps even an element of surprise. And while the 7 of Swords can be a rather nasty card, implying lies and deception, here it feels more like planning a nice surprise behind your lover’s back. Let me know if that was you or your partner did that for you in the comments below! 🙂

However, there is another possible interpretation that is so blatantly staring us in the face that I can’t leave it out… and that is that one or two of you may receive news of a partner’s infidelity. If so, you also need to let them know how you feel before you retreat to lick your wounds. If the relationship ends because of lies and betrayal, it is only because you are destined for new beginnings so take heart.

Your words need to be used to heal and bond this weekend. They carry a lot of power so choose them wisely.


Blessed Be!


PS. Have you checked out the massive FREE Love & Relationship Tarot spreads index yet?

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  1. I just saw this and I thought it was for this past weekend but then saw responses. This was actually true for me both weekends. I have been trying to rid myself of a toxic relationship for months now but he keeps coming back because he knows I’ll say yes. I did meet a guy last weekend that I thought was a polar opposite and would be great for me but unfortunately he didn’t think so. I then tried to get with my toxic guy but I think the Angels prevented me from that because we had bad timing and I realized I have to end it for good. I told him today I need him to stay away from me and I wish him well. He said he would and delete my number and no hard feelings. I hope he does this time….no more temptation please.

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      Great, thanks for the feedback, Shell. Don’t forget to invoke the protection of Archangel Michael as well as ask him to cut the cord for good this time! Blessed be!

  2. This is very accurate. I am in the process of releasing a toxic person from my life and it is very hard for me as I am a victim of child abuse. This knight has also returned into my life this weekend VERY strong and he is definitely someone who is more in line with what “spirit” says is good… Thank you Lisa…

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  3. What a reading for singles!
    I’m quite in the healing process, after meting my twin flame and gone through all those stages. Finally, I’m letting him go and let the universe take charge.
    Maybe someone, with those features you said (they’re truly important) will come!
    you’re awesome!

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      1. Cant wait to try them out.
        Starting to pray and talk with archangel Michael and my angels was one of the best things that someone ever taught me.
        Those cards were on my wishlist for a very long time 😀
        Namaeste 🙂

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