Month of Tarot Love Haikus – Let’s Play!

1 Feb Love Haiku

Hey, it is February! FINALLY!

After the not-so-epic January that was dubbed the ‘Month of Death,’ we now find ourselves in the ‘Month of Love.’ I don’t know about you, but I prefer the latter.

Let’s celebrate by doing a love haiku a day, all month long. Shuffle, cut and randomly pick a card as usual. You can choose to pull just one card or do a combined reading with more than one deck, like the one above. Take a picture and make a love & romance-themed haiku to go with it.

Feel free to join in the fun and use the hashtag #tarotlovehaiku

Lunar Love – A Haiku

The Moon holds the space
For soul mate love to emerge
Fear leads to regret

I hope you enjoy this  little game (let’s not call it ‘a creative Tarot learning experience’) and that you will share it with your friends… The more, the merrier!



PS. Today’s draw is from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards and the Frideborg Tarot.