New Moon Reading for the Cancer Solar Eclipse

New Moon Reading for the Cancer Solar Eclipse

New Moon Reading for the Cancer Solar Eclipse

For the New Moon sample Tarot reading today, I’m working with the Unicorn Tarot. This New Moon reading below is part 1 of 2 for the Cancer Solar Eclipse. You can find both Dark/New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse Tarot spreads HERE.

Click the link above if you wish to print out the diagram for this spread with the positional meanings. Essentially, you read the New Moon Tarot spread from the top to the bottom, the way you would trace the letter C (or the first sliver of the New Moon… or a comma).

  1. What in my life should live? Strength. My vitality levels. It is not time to pack it in just yet. This resonates with the Strength card showing up in the Unicorn daily guidance reading as well.
  2. How can I nurture it? 8 of Wands. By staying focused and learning to channel my energy without distraction. I was drawn pick up Qigong as a daily practice a few days ago and I feel this relates strongly… I’m on the right track, at least.
  3. What should I give birth to next? (What new thing wants to come into my life?) King of Swords. This is the Gemini King. I feel this relates to a writing project I have had in mind for about a week or so but I simply haven’t felt ready. I’ve been too close to running on empty. When my regular working day is done, I have nothing left in the tank… so it’s been left on the back burner.
  4. What do I fear about this new birth? 5 of Swords. The battle my defeatist separate self always engages in when I start a creative project. It really does not want me to complete anything lasting worth, so it tells me ‘What’s the point?’ or ‘Somebody else already did it better.’ or ‘You know you’ll never finish it anyway.’
  5. How can I nurture it anyway? Queen of Pentacles. Focus on nurturing the body and bringing yourself into balance for now. When you feel well cared for, it will become easier to tell the separate self to take a hike.
  6. Is now a good time to give birth? If not now, when? 4 of Swords. I already had inner guidance on September being the best time to really get stuck in with this project and the timing card I pulled confirmed this. (CLICK HERE for a post about timing in the Tarot.)

Love and New Moon Blessings )O(


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