Pansexuality and the Tarot Star Card

pansexual star tarot card

What is it about another person that we fall in love with? A individual’s personality or their gender? In this era of people awakening to their gender fluidity, more and more of us are beginning to realise the utter irrelevance of gender as a deciding factor for who we like or love. A person who labels him/her-self as pansexual (aka omnisexual) considers him/her-self to be ‘gender blind.’ The term ‘non-binary’ is also used to describe such a person.

In answer to the initial question, a pansexual person would say, “Heart, not parts.”

To them biological or chosen gender is irrelevant in terms of romance and/or sexual attraction.

The most obvious fit for pansexuality in the Tarot would be The Star which corresponds to the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius is concerned with oneness and humanitarian pursuits, ideas and ideals. It’s naturally ‘gender blind’ Zodiac sign.

It is interesting to note this transcendental awakening to non-binary reality among young people today and it is not by chance that this is happening on the dawning of the Age of Aquarius as humanity is starting to ascend from the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

It is possible that many of the people who label themselves as pansexual, gender neutral, non-binary or gender blind are Star People (aka Starseeds). They have arrived on Earth from more advanced ET societies and dimensions to show us how futile it is to categorise people according to gender or sexual orientation. What is more important by far to Starseeds is a person’s energy field (which always contains both feminine and masculine energy) and intent.

Pansexual people are often more creative than your average person and seek to express themselves through the arts. They also tend to find each other and network online (tumblr for instance). Social media is another Aquarian pursuit (Aquarius is the most tech-y sign). They are balanced in their own masculine and feminine energy and have a lot to teach those who have yet to harmonise their own yin/yang energy.

Are you still struggling with a superimposed gender identity? Do you revel in your birth gender? Do you label yourself as any kind of gender queer? I would love to hear from you!

~ Lisa Frideborg