using the tarot to map your day for relevant astrological transits

Tarot for Astrological Transits

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using the tarot to map your day for relevant astrological transits

Because I love astrology and really want to learn all there is to know about transits… and because there really aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment to cram extra study material in (I’m currently doing a course on crystal healing as well as the Ask Your Guides Master Class), I decided to work with transits on a daily basis to get a feel for them on the fly. Some transits involving the outer planets last for a looooong time and others only a few days. I currently have a few shorter transits affecting my celestial weather.

Thanks to a free android app aptly (see what I did there?) named ‘Transits,’ it is easier than ever to keep track of your own ongoing transits, so I’m mapping my transits on a daily basis, along with checking the lunar phase with another free app called Daff Moon. For the lunar phase, I compare notes with my own personal MoonTime calendar, so I know where in my cycle I am each day. I also check the daily numerological resonance and use the Clarity Tarot Spread to check in with main themes for the day to cover all bases.

With the Transits app, you get a text snippet about what each transit means but I like to compare notes with my Astrological Transits bookΒ to see which one resonates more. Having more than one perspective can be really helpful. The first time I realised this was hearing a speaker at the UK Tarot Conference bash my own Capricorn Sun Sign. Ohmigosh! If her take on Capricorn was the only one I ever heard, I’d probably have topped myself by now – soooo negative and depressing!

Let me share a sample reading to show you how I connect the dots…

Over the last couple of days, I’ve had Venus squaring my Natal Venus. In the app, it seems this square mainly makes us feel lazy and self-indulgent. That didn’t really resonate with me since I was in my normal worky-worky mode (yes, typical workaholic Capricorn here!), so I wanted a different angle. In the Astrological Transits book, I found information that resonated far deeper… It talked about how this transit could affect my sense of self-worth and lovability. Snap!

Here is the spread I created for a quick overview of the transit du jour:

A tarot spread for a quick overview of an astrological transit

And here is the reading I did yesterday for my Venus square Venus transit:

  1. Main area of my life affected by this transit. Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter). My sense of expansion, possibilities and feeling lucky. My ability to stay centred in the hub… This translates into lots of emotional ups and downs over the last couple of days and NOT feeling very lucky at all. Squares are not to be seen as punishments though… so where is the silver lining here? I feel that this is a chance to really learn to centre myself in spiritual reality rather than allowing myself to continue to be pulled in this or that direction. If I truly value equanimity (which I do!) then I will face this challenge head-on and become even more devoted to my daily meditation practice. You see, when we take out to centre ourselves in the hub of the Wheel of Life, there is nothing but limitless possibility!
  2. Do less of this. The Fool (Uranus/Air Element). Now is not the time to expand or take risks. Now is the time to quieten that monkey chatter of the mind down and sift new ideas carefully. Only the ones that light me up are worth keeping. The ones that resonate with that lack of self-worth the Venus square Venus transit can bring can now slowly sink to the bottom and be flushed out.
  3. Do more of this.Β 8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces). Walking away from old negative thought patterns and constructs. Learning to love myself. Taking the high road and learning to trust myself. Seeing past tests and challenges through a lens of gratitude so that they can be released. Forgiveness. Karmic release. Cord cutting.

The quint is 40/4 The Emperor, showing me that the spiritual lesson here is very much about taking charge of my life instead of letting emotional impulse (especially of the negative variety) pull me along… or even pull me under. Being disciplined about my spiritual practice and staying organised will be helpful, so I guess I’ll keep mapping my day out every morning… It really has been tremendously helpful so far. I’m able to take a bird’s-eye view of what is happening, which in and of itself prevents me from getting pulled under by little things which so easily take on gargantuan proportions in our minds.


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  1. How absolutely FABULOUS that you use April Elliott Kent’s book/app!! Funny enough, she is actually teaching a transits class here in San Diego, virtually at the same time I am teaching a beginning astrology class, a very long time coming! I will tell her about your excellent implementation of her work!! πŸ™‚

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      I don’t think the app was made by the same person who wrote the book…? The meanings are totally different. The book is great! Congratulations on your new teaching gig! πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you Lisa, yes, I am rather excited and a bit nervous too! Actually, I let April know about the app and you are correct, the publisher may have had it developed, or an independent app developer may have received publisher permissions, as she told me she had nothing to do with the app. Looking forward to more astrology related material here Lisa πŸ™‚

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