Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

I know, I know… Thanksgiving is American! So what is a Swede living in the UK doing writing about Thanksgiving? Gratitude is one of those miracle energies that spreads across the planet like rings on water. I don’t see anything wrong with getting into the spirit of giving thanks even IF I happen to live across the pond. Also, my life philosophy is ‘Any reason to celebrate!’

These Thanksgiving Tarotscopes are meant to help you find your gratitude focus between now and Christmas and truly surf the warm wave of abundance that this brings. Abundance, in my humble opinion, is much more about truly being grateful for what we have than trying to manifest more – especially if that ‘more’ is stuff rather than loving relationships or opportunities to be of service.

Make sure to read the Tarotscopes for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs!

Thanksgiving Tarotscopes


The Chariot Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

The Chariot. Give thanks for the ability to stay disciplined and focused. That way you will be able to continue to make great progress in terms of achieving your dreams and goals. You are a leader, not a follower. If you stay focused and keep moving ahead, you create a win-win for everyone.


Queen of Wands Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

Queen of Wands. Give thanks for your natural charm and charisma. These are real gifts that you can put to use for the highest good. Also give thanks to Mother Nature for her ability to recharge you.


Knight of Swords Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

Knight of Swords. Give thanks for your willingness to objectively keep questing for the truth and get to the bottom of things. Be grateful for the insights that emerge as you keep truth-questing and questioning. What you uncover is of great benefit to the collective.


Temperance. Give thanks for your ability to enjoy things in moderation. Also be grateful for all the learning you have done and will keep doing throughout the year. Your vision for the future is being refined now in a way that we all benefit from – Awesome sauce!


Page of Swords Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

Page of Swords. Give thanks for your ability to ask the difficult questions and to change your mind when you learn new facts. Gratitude for the best possible use of electronic communication will remind you to stay in touch with friends and loved ones via text and email.


4 of Cups Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

4 of Cups. Be grateful for periods of boredom and stillness. Let go of the need for constant entertainment and allow your sense of wonder about the unknown to return. Give thanks for all the wonderful things are still to come, some of which will be way more wonderful than you can even begin to imagine.


The Magician Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

The Magician. Give thanks for your awesome ability to co-create your destiny. You have been given much in terms of talents and resources. Gratitude will ensure you put them to use in a way that is alignment with your soul’s calling.


3 of Cups. Give thanks for good friends – there are no greater riches! Make sure to thank them directly as well and let them know why you appreciate them. Plan a get-together with friends during the festive season to really show your gratitude and appreciation.


10 of Pentacles Thanksgiving Thursday

10 of Pentacles. Give thanks for family, your bloodline and extended family. No man is an island and without your bloodrelatives, there would be no you. Gratitude for future generations will ensure that you leave the best possible legacy behind when the time comes.


Knight of Pentacles Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

Knight of Pentacles. Give thanks for your ability to work hard and persevere. Gratitude for the ability to keep going when the going gets tough will sustain you. Material abundance will come from this beautiful gift and a grateful heart makes sure that others benefit too.


The High Priestess Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

The High Priestess. Give thanks for your intuition which you have honed by acting on it more and more this year. This is really starting to pay off and your ability to provide help/guidance for others thanks to this is also something to be grateful for.


5 of Swords Thanksgiving Tarotscopes

5 of Swords. Give thanks for the ability to cut your losses early on and walk away from drama of any kind. You have come a long way in terms of being able to detach emotionally and not give power to others by fretting over how they perceive you.


Blessings and Much Gratitude!