The 7 Rulers Lenormand Spread

7 Rulers Lenormand Spread

I’m very excited to share with you my first ever Lenormand spread creation! It’s a versatile variation of a traditional ‘Gipsy Tarot Spread’ I came across a couple of years ago. You can use this spread for a general reading, when the client does not wish to ask a question.

I have simplified it by putting the planetary rulers in the order of the day of the week rather than following some archaic system.

Monday/Moon – This column deals with emotions and intuition
Tuesday/Mars – Drive, motivation, sex, conflicts
Wednesday/Mercury – Problem-solving, communication, messages
Thursday/Jupiter – Luck, expansion, risk-taking
Friday/Venus – Romance, love & partnerships
Saturday/Saturn – Responsibilities, work, karma
Sunday/Sun – Success, health, self-expression

Basically, you do two readings in one. The first one is a general overview of past, present and future: The horizontal rows create three different story lines that you weave together to give the bigger picture of what has been, what is happening now and what will come. Intuitively allow your eyes to be drawn to a theme card for each of the rows and weave your story around that card.

For instance, in the first row, I’m drawn to speak of past matters concerning work and stability. For the second row, the ending of a relationship is a central theme. Finally, the third row speaks of money matters coming into focus for the future.

Then you move on to reading the columns for more detail. Here we see that on the emotional front an ending has lead to a new beginning and a shift in authority in the client’s life. If we hop on over to the self-expression column at the far right we see that the female client is moving toward more abundance in partnership with a man. Because of fox in the future position, it would be prudent to warn her of this man’s intentions though.

If you prefer to use this layout for a week ahead reading works very well too. Skip the past/present/future structure and allow for an intuitive ‘sentence structure’ based on the three cards given for each day.

Let me know how you go if you decide to give this spread a whirl!

Blessed Be!