Mary Magdalene

The Magdalene Priestesses are Being Activated!

Mary Magdalene

This Misfit Monday post is the last in the series. It is specifically for my fellow Magdalene Misfits who are now being activated as the Priestesses of the Golden Age.

In the early hours of the morning, I had a dream vision. Heaven opened and a rose-tinted portal was formed through the clouds. It was full of dancing angels. My heart nearly exploded at the beauty and feeling of ‘Finally, I get to go HOME!’

As I was running toward the portal to be swept up, I realised that I wasn’t meant to go yet… I was meant to show others that Heaven was real… so I turned around to the people behind me, pointing and shouting excitedly… ‘Can you see it?!’

When I woke up, I was in the mood to celebrate so instead of my regular morning yoga, I had a disco dance party in the living room. Later in the morning, I was told that I am now embodied and activated as a Magdalene Priestess and can use my Spirit Name, Miriam AngelDancer. I received this name about 14 years ago in meditation, not long after I the vision of Jesus telling me I was a member of the Order of the White Dove. I was also told that today is my birthday and I was given the exact time, which coincides with the time of the dream… 4.55 AM.

This is my birth chart. I’m newborn!  (I also did a synastry chart with my original birth chart and putting the two together, it’s as if the missing pieces are all in place. It’s an astrological snapshot of Hieros Gamos.)

the birth chart of miriam angeldancer

I’m sharing this because I know that I’m not the only one who is being reborn this way. We are being activated. It’s happening!

Roses have always been connected with Mary Magdalene. The pink rose is the rose of Her Priestesses because in our devotion to Him, we are allowing for the full expression of both pure spiritual love (white rose) and the passion and sensuality of human love (red rose).

We celebrate and revere every aspect of human life and the body as truly sacred. It has all been reclaimed!

The other messages that have been coming through are very simple:

When you dance, you bring Heaven to Earth... so dance today, beloved! Click To Tweet

The contemplation you do as a Magdalene Priestess is the contemplation of all. What you are inspired to dive deeper into, you pass on. Nothing is for just you – everything is for you and all. You are a holy spring of Living Water…

Those of you who resonate with this message, please join us over at the Magdalene Order of the White Dove so that we can support each other on our path of service to the All.

Since I was made aware that I was about to be activated as one of Her Priestesses back in April, I’ve had the most remarkable synchronicity where books are concerned. I ordered one book after the other about seemingly unrelated topics that all randomly referenced Mary Magdalene. They were in the order I got them:

Light is the New Black by Rebbecca Campbell
Kick-Ass Angels by Claire Nahmad
Witch by Lisa Lister
Red, Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story by Sera Beak

They are all lovely books in their own right but all along, I felt there was something missing and that I needed to dive deeper in the mysteries to learn about Mary Magdalene. I had snippets of her own words in the Gnostic Gospels but without commentary and ‘back story’…

Last Thursday, as I was getting ready for the Angel World Summit and looking for a book to take with me, I found the book you see in the picture below, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves Leloup and only halfway through the book, I feel as if any loose ends are being tied up.

the gospel of mary magdalene by jean yves leloup

I’m still reading Red, Hot and Holy and last night I got to a place in the book where Sera Beak makes a reference to Leloup. You couldn’t make this stuff up! The funny thing about finding Leloup’s book in my bookcase is that I have no memory of buying it, nor do I know how long I have owned it. It feels as if it just materialised out of thin air. Either way, the way these books found me is a miracle and they pretty much make a good foundation course for anyone with a Magdalene calling.

Oh, and as for the card you see next to Leloup’s book, it’s ‘The Returning’ from Brian Froud’s Heart of the Faerie Oracle. It is the card I pulled for my morning meditation and it perfectly mirrors my return to my original calling of becoming a member of the Order of the White Dove… but this time I have the life experience necessary to be activated and start serving… As I type this, I have the loveliest supernatural floral and vanilla scent wafting through the air as confirmation that this is REAL. It’s already gone but my knowing and re-membrance isn’t.

Through the unfolding events over the past few months, I have lost a faith a couple of times but I always got back up, raised my eyes to Heaven and asked to have my faith renewed. It has been hard to trust in something I couldn’t quite discern yet felt such a strong pull toward. It all makes sense now. It will for you too…

The Tarot spread below is a very simple Magdalene remembrance and activation reading you can do for yourself to stay on course.

The Magdalene Misfit Priestess Activation Tarot Spread

1. My readiness to be activated as a Magdalene Priestess
2. What needs to be brought into harmony for my gifts to flourish
3. Unresolved shadow aspect
4. Nature of my calling up to the point of my initiation into the priestesshood (Incidentally the spell checker wanted me to change this to ‘priesthood’ – I chose ‘Ignore always’) since I am indeed part of a sacred priestesshood and proud!
5. Nature of my calling after I have been initiated

This is the last of the Misfit Monday messages.

So much love!



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