The Pages – Messengers of Love

Young Woman Receiving Romantic Text Message

The Pages are often said to represent students or children in general. However, they can also be seen as messages and in Love Tarot readings, they often show up when someone has received or is about to receive a message. This is especially true together with the 8 of Wands or the Ace of Swords.

Each Page can be seen as a representative for their Element, so naturally the romantic messages conveyed by the Pages will have their own unique flavour. Below you will find some examples of the types of messages you can expect from each of the four Pages in the Tarot deck:

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The Page of Wands (the straight forward and passionate messenger)

Hook-Up Message: Feeling horny. Are you in tonight? x

Long-term Relationship Message: I’ll be home soon. Greet me wearing nothing but cling film. X X X


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The Page of Cups (the romantic, shy and sentimental messenger)

Hook-Up Message: Are you free tonight? Just wondering if you fancy a walk along the beach. It looks like the Moon might make an appearance 🙂 xx

Long-term Relationship Message: Honey, I miss you so much. I’m sitting here thinking about that absolutely amazing day out we had to the coast last summer. Do you miss me half as much as I miss you? Can’t wait to feel your arms around me xxxxx


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The Page of Swords (analytical, chatty and critical messenger)

Hook-Up Message: Have you seen the latest *insert name of Art House film director* film? It would be great if you could come with me and maybe we could go for a coffee and discuss the film after? What do you think? x

Long-term Relationship Message: Leaving the office now. I think the boss has a severe case of PMT. Will tell you all about it when I get home. Do I need to pick up milk? See you in 30 minutes, snugglebuns x


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The Page of Pentacles (the practical, nurturing and sensual messenger)

Hook-Up Message: The Farmer’s market is on this weekend. Fancy coming along to sample some local delicacies? x

Long-term Relationship Message: What do you want for tea tonight, honey? I was thinking Japanese but I’m not sure if we have enough of the Japanese rice left. Is Italian OK? Oh, and guess what? That massage oil I ordered online yesterday already arrived so prepare for a nice relaxing massage tonight 🙂 xxx

Which of these Pages is more you in the way you text someone? Which one reminds you most of your partner?

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  1. Hello! I recently asked when will I meet the right person or my soulmate and the guy who did my reading pulled The Magician, Four of Pentacles and The Page of Wands what does that mean?

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      Hi Moe, I don’t read on readings done by other readers since every reader has their own way of interpreting the cards and the cards shouldn’t be taken out of context of the full reading. Blessings, Lisa

  2. Hello, I have a question I asked if I will hear from this person that I like. I received The Sun so I asked when will I get the message? I got the page pentacles. What does this mean when it comes to time. I heard pentacles are very slow. How long do you think it will be for the message? Thank you?

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      Going by a Seasons only system, Pentacles are Winter. It really depends on what system YOU use for timing. In my system (Golden Dawn), Pages = timing not available. That’s because they are the only Minor Arcana cards which don’t have any decans assigned to them.

  3. I am interested in the Page & Ace of Swords together as a message that you touched on above. Is it fair to say that Page of Wands is a hot and steamy, no B.S. message? (I did a 3 card reading (p,p,f) regarding the man I am dating and what is in store for our relationship together. I received Page of Wands, Ace of Swords, & 10 of cups (in that order).

    There is a lot of chemistry in the relationship . . . the way I interpreted the reading seems to fit your explanation above!

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  4. Thanks for your post. I’ve just known for tarot and be very love with it. Your post help me much as my little knowledge and experience in reading!
    Btw, your post is also very funny and interesting!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I did a 3 card spread to see if a particular person would ask me out on a date. I first drew 1) 6 of cups 2) page of swords 3) 9 of pentacles. Does this spread indicate that he maybe considering it?
    Thanks –

      1. LOL. You were actually reading my mind Lisa! I figured he was too shy to ever approach me in that way. He is much younger than me so I could never ask him- plus I am much too shy myself! I just asked the cards out of sheer curiosity 🙂

        I had a feeling he was interested in this other person that he works with so I asked the cards about that to. They told me he was basically rejected by her and upset, so I think that’s also why he hesitates to approach me now. I’m still a little annoyed about me being his possible “plan B” lol!
        Btw: all of this info comes purely through my intuition as we’ve hardly ever spoken!
        🙂 sparkle

  6. Trying in vein to find out what The Lovers and the Ten of Cups card combination,means. A marriage? An engagement?

    1. Hi Jennifer, it could mean either of those and it could also mean that this is one of those rare soul mate relationships that end up with life-long committed love… it depends on the rest of the cards in the spread and especially the outcome card, of course 🙂

      1. They dont represent anything so to speak, i lay them out and read them like a story….ill ask my question and then start laying them down then read them like a story… almost like past present future but in a larger mass of cards…. i watched another tarot reader do it, it made them easier to understand.. but this time i got a little stuck..

        1. Well, in that case, it’s even more important to know what the original question was in order to give a correct interpretation. Also, do you just read rows horizontally (in which case the last row would have the 10 of Cups, The Emperor, The King of Pentacles, and The Prince of Swords, right?) or do you read them horizontally too. I’m not sure it’s possible to interpret this kind of spread without being there at the time of the cards being laid out and knowing the question. I read like this a lot myself and the key is to just trust your intuition. Personally, I prefer the 3 rows of 3 for this type of reading and then the central card represents the key to answering the question… with the final card being the outcome. You’re asking for the meaning of The Lovers and the 10 of Cups together but they would have lined up vertically, right? So tell me more about how your story spread works.

          I recommend learning story spreads with only three cards until you learn to hear the cards speak to each other.


      2. I gotta confess i have been reading the tarot for ten years and still learn new things everyday…i did this reading because i became clouded and confused about my relationship with my boyfriend.. he asked me to marrie him in the past but he still refers to me as his girlfriend…but my question was (to the tarot) is he planning on proposing/marrying me…then i layed the cards out like this……
        ROW ONE: THE MAGICIAN,, Ace of Wands (reversed) The Wheel,,The Hanged Man..
        ROW TWO: 6 of Wands,,The Chariot,,5 of Pentacles (reversed) 3 of Swords (reversed)
        ROW THREE: Queen of Pentacles,,King of Cups,, Devil,,The Lovers
        ROW FOUR: 10 of Cups,,The Emperor,,King of pentacles,,Prince of Swords

    2. The court cards represent him and i,i do know that then the devil poped up fallowed by the lovers and the ten of cups…that combo has me a bit lost. The last three cards the emperor,the king of pentacles and the prince of swords im pretty sure represent him, because he completely embodies the archetype’s..he is a very well balanced person..a hard worker a provider very mature but knows how to embrace the inner child..

    3. The story up until i get confused..the magician tells me of infinity and messages (my deck shows isis with the falcon, the falcon is my totem) infinity meaning the relationship (in this context) the ace of wands, reversed, im not seeing this message,the wheel refers to needing to go with the flow so i can relax enough to see things in a differant perspective (shown by the hanged man) then i will have victory and movement in the right direction(both 6 of wands and the chariot show ppl riding horses, but in differant directions which means i have two paths to choose from or can go either way with it) the 5 of pentacle(reversed) tells me there are financial difficulties to get through first (which is true, until he gets his bonus check)but thease difficulties are quickly passing …..then there is the Devil, the lovers the ten of cups, that got me stuck…..

      1. i’m not sure i understand why you group the lovers with the 10 of cups when they’re not on the same row…? and i’m not sure i understand two different court cards representing the same man either… are you sure? the Devil and The Lovers seems to be the true pairing here – NOT the lovers and the 10 of cups. or that’s how i’d read them… this means a HUGE struggle involving choices that potentially limit personal freedom. the final row tells me that the relationship happiness ball remains firmly in his court. do you have any sort of linear progression of time from one row to the next?

        1. Thats the way i looked at it at first, as the huge choices and struggles but i dont feel i am facing any struggles and choices at the moment so i refered back to the hanged man telling me to get a differant perspective. So i grouped them differantly so i grouped the lovers and the ten of cups..kinda like going into another chapter (of a book) because to me it made more sence with my question…but like i said thats where i got kinda stuck… as for the cards that came after the ten of cups seeing it as my boyfriends personality made sence in a way of the reading…

          1. maybe it’s about him and the choices he is facing? makes sense if you consider the ball is still in his court. i really don’t think i’m able to be of further assistance based on this spread because our reading styles are so different. i’m happy to do a reading for you with a spread of my own, of course 🙂 i do prefer to lay the cards out myself when answering a question. it gives me a chance to choose the ideal deck as well as the ideal spread. it also allows the card images to sing, speak and whisper… blessings, Lisa

            1. Id love a reading from you, not only to gain insight, but for educational purposes… however im assuming you charge for readings and i dont have a credit or debit card….

      2. Do u feel that this means he is afraid to make the next step, or is this more about me? As for time progression yes,, i feel that the magician up to the wheel is past, the hanged man up to the 3 of swords is now, and the queen until the end is the future.

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