The Pages – Messengers of Love

Young Woman Receiving Romantic Text Message

The Pages are often said to represent students or children in general. However, they can also be seen as messages and in Love Tarot readings, they often show up when someone has received or is about to receive a message. This is especially true together with the 8 of Wands or the Ace of Swords.

Each Page can be seen as a representative for their Element, so naturally the romantic messages conveyed by the Pages will have their own unique flavour. Below you will find some examples of the types of messages you can expect from each of the four Pages in the Tarot deck:

tarot card image


The Page of Wands (the straight forward and passionate messenger)

Hook-Up Message: Feeling horny. Are you in tonight? x

Long-term Relationship Message: I’ll be home soon. Greet me wearing nothing but cling film. X X X


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The Page of Cups (the romantic, shy and sentimental messenger)

Hook-Up Message: Are you free tonight? Just wondering if you fancy a walk along the beach. It looks like the Moon might make an appearance 🙂 xx

Long-term Relationship Message: Honey, I miss you so much. I’m sitting here thinking about that absolutely amazing day out we had to the coast last summer. Do you miss me half as much as I miss you? Can’t wait to feel your arms around me xxxxx


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The Page of Swords (analytical, chatty and critical messenger)

Hook-Up Message: Have you seen the latest *insert name of Art House film director* film? It would be great if you could come with me and maybe we could go for a coffee and discuss the film after? What do you think? x

Long-term Relationship Message: Leaving the office now. I think the boss has a severe case of PMT. Will tell you all about it when I get home. Do I need to pick up milk? See you in 30 minutes, snugglebuns x


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The Page of Pentacles (the practical, nurturing and sensual messenger)

Hook-Up Message: The Farmer’s market is on this weekend. Fancy coming along to sample some local delicacies? x

Long-term Relationship Message: What do you want for tea tonight, honey? I was thinking Japanese but I’m not sure if we have enough of the Japanese rice left. Is Italian OK? Oh, and guess what? That massage oil I ordered online yesterday already arrived so prepare for a nice relaxing massage tonight 🙂 xxx

Which of these Pages is more you in the way you text someone? Which one reminds you most of your partner?

Angel Blessings