The Power of Love

25 February Tarot Love Haiku

The Power of Love – A Tarot Love Haiku

The power of love
Is stronger than power of mind
The spell is reversed

For the final Tarot Love Haiku this Month of Love, I decided to pull three cards from Le Grand tarot De l’ Amour. In these three cards, I see a story unfold. The Witch of the North who has fallen in love with a handsome King in a distant land on her travels to gather knowledge, and the evil Magician who has cast a spell to keep them apart, because he feels his power threatened by the Witch.

But the power of love, overcomes the spell, as it always does in any self-respecting love story… and the good King is able to find his beloved witch. No doubt, will they ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after.

So I end this game on a playful, imaginary note. Feel free to copy this format if you’re still playing the Tarot Love Haiku game!

Making up stories from a random three card draw is an excellent way to exercise your intuition.

The individual cards for today’s Tarot Love Haiku draw are Strength (Leo/Archangel Michael), The Magician (Mercury/Archangel Raphael) and the King of Swords (Gemini/Archangel Raphael). Strength is a card of ‘soft control’ exerted compassionately from a place of Higher Will. The Magician is a card of mental acuity, new beginnings and talent. The King of Sword represents someone who has mastered the realm of logic and detached intellectual analysis.

In the Grand Tarot de l’Amour, the Majors have inlays of two famous people at the bottom of each card. For Strength it is Countess Antónia Zichy Batthyány and Maria Magdalena and for The Magician it is Count St Germain and Adam.

There is still time to join us in the Month of Love poetry game – Check out the original Tarot Love Haiku a Day post HERE.

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Blessed Be!