The Problem with Reading on the Future

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Reading on the Future
Predicting the future could keep you trapped in the Matrix

Using the Tarot to predict the future is something I have mixed feelings about. It’s not that it doesn’t work… but when it does work, it often works for all the wrong reasons… Yet, I do still predict but before I do, I make sure any prospective clients realise fully that what they think today, is – for the most part – what they live tomorrow… You see, part of your purpose is to be the co-creator of your own destiny!

reading on the future - tarot tip

The four main dangers of reading on the future

* You lock the future in based on a projection (your hopes or fears) rather than what IS
* You take away possibility and kill creativity
* You move yourself out of vertical God-self alignment which requires that you are centered in the NOW. This in turn means you are not actually living…
* When the future you predicted does happen, it is staged and a lie. You are asleep and dreaming…

The only reason I would use the Tarot for a future reading is when it concerns a tangible choice and then I would ask only for action advice, along with which opportunities and challenges each of the options are likely to bring so that I can make an informed choice. What I then make of those opportunities and challenges is something I can only decided on when I am vertically aligned in the NOW or what I create is another lie… i.e. not a true reflection Self and what I am here to do.

Asking this way makes any outcome possible; It is very important to not use an outcome position for the future… This is the real soul killer.

The best possible use for the Tarot is for aligning mind, body and spirit – a form of yoga of the mind – that allows for pulling all the scattered energy in so that the breath of Spirit can be free and flow with full force through your existence.

You get a sense of this focus in The Chariot card for instance, which is the reason this card is associated with success and victory. Numerologically, this card is the heavenly 7 – the bridge between the mundane and celestial realms. Astrologically, it is Cancer (ruled by the Moon). However, at the apex of this card’s energy, this is lunar energy pulled into the solar center, the third chakra, and channelled by Higher Will. There is no fear motivation or the kind of doubts that are born through comparison. Both horses pull the same direction because the charioteer is vertically aligned in the NOW.

Interestingly, the two other Major Arcana cards associated with the Moon (ruler of psychic energy) are The High Priestess and Piscean Moon Card. The former can indicate choice, doubt, mystery and vacillation  by the number 2 numerological correspondence, and the latter is often associated with fear, delusion and addiction. The psychic realm can, as we all know, provide us with the murky waters of the charlatans of divination – those who prey on the doubts and fears of their fellow men.

This tells me we need the balance of Solar and Lunar energy seen in the Chariot in order to stay balanced and centered in the NOW. Fortune-telling precludes common sense and creates a disconnect between both what IS and your rational faculties. Divination aligns you with Self and allows you to make the most of the opportunities at hand.

Take a moment to listen to OSHO speak about the now…

Wishing you a life filled with golden moments!


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  1. Cool, thanks Chloe! Yes, it is something I wrestled with for a few years until the penny dropped and I had absolutely clarity, courtsey the angelic realm. This article is nothing short of an answer to prayer. I didn't know what the message was until I had finished writing, so I believe I channelled some Truth here… <3

  2. I'll share this in my newsletter next week! You have perfectly described some of the reasons why I don't feel it's helpful to do predictive readings 🙂

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