The Snow Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

This weekend, Friday or Saturday (depending on where in the world you are), we are lucky enough to experience a triple whammy celestial event. Besides the obvious and regularly occurring Full Moon, we also have a penumbral lunar eclipse as well as a visit by Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková (I totally copied and pasted the name of the comet!).

The Moon will be full in Leo and is known in the Northern Hemisphere as the Snow Moon or Ice Moon. The partial lunar eclipse will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere and coincides with the precise time of the Moon being Full, so around 00:32 AM UK time.  Comet 45P, aka ‘The Blue Comet’ is visible from earth every 5.25 years. Some refer to this comet as ‘the Doom’s Day comet.’ Though it may feel like it, with Trump being president and all, I doubt that it heralds the end of the world.

Symbolically, comets have always been connected with luck, bad and good alike, so this is a theme I wanted to incorporate in this month’s Full Moon Tarot spread. I happen to believe in working with whatever celestial energies are about, and making the most of the cosmic soup we are helping to co-create. While it is said that we create our own luck, I’m seasoned enough recognise that our existence is dependent on input from outside sources (and higher-ups!).

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread for the 2017 Snow Moon

1. LUNA – How my energy meets the energy of the Leo Full Moon
2. Main challenge in making the most of the energy now available
3. ECLIPSE – What issue is now coming to the surface for healing from my subconscious mind
4. Main challenge I will face in the healing process
5. COMET – Luck factor (good or bad)
6. Karmic fulfilment (head of the comet). Shows what I am progressing toward in this lifetime… What puts me in a state of flow. My future pull
7. Karmic strength (tail of the comet). Shows what useful coping mechanisms I have gathered during many life times

Even if it should turn out that there is no massive amount of luck coming your way with this comet, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re about to get lucky anyway… That’s right! 😉 I’m having a Full Moon-Eclipse-Comet Tarot Giveaway and will be answering questions free of charge on the blog, tomorrow Friday.

I will be doing as many mini readings as I can. Get thinking about what question to ask. I will only answer specific questions – No general requests please, as they are not suitable for a one card draw. Thank you and I look forward to offering this Full Moon Gift tomorrow. Make sure to check back in!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you decide to give this spread ago. Also, let me know if you plan on sky watching!

Until next time…

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg