Time to Release the Pain

spiritual guidance 21 Jan 2016

Thursday (Archangel Sachiel/Wheel of Fortune***)

Numerology of the date 21/1/2016 = 4

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Gemini (moving into Cancer later in the day), Mercury Rx in Gemini

Today I’m working with the Mythic Oracle (spiritual theme/lesson)and the Frideborg Tarot (Don’t/left & Do/right).

Dear Empath Friends,

It seems the ‘ashes’ mentioned in yesterday’s forecast resonated with quite a few of us. I certainly felt that space intensely myself and still do… I have this image in my mind of the past – what used to be my life – having burned to the ground and now I’m sifting through those ashes to see if there is anything at all worth salvaging.

There is also an acute sense of needing to reinvent myself in order to be a better fit for the strong divine energy wanting to come through.

Today we find respite in Chiron, the Wounded Healer. We are reminded (again) that this rather painful phase is not something we are put through as punishment but for our own healing and so that we can bring the lessons about this healing to mankind.

Our deepest and most hard-to-heal wounds are also our most precious gift to those on our path that we are meant to help. Today would be a good day to reflect on what those wounds are and ask for healing and guidance from our loving Mother-Father God.

This card reminded me about that Tori Amos quote about how healing takes courage and how we all have it, even if we have to dig a bit to find it… When I went to look it up on Google, I came across this one instead which also resonates so much with the energy of David Bowie (who relentlessly embodied the Phoenix energy):

I have so many different personalities in me and I still feel lonely.
~ Tori Amos

What Spirit wants us to know is that we feel lonely now, in the process of reinventing ourselves and turning our old wounds into something useful… but we won’t always feel this way. Being here… in this lonely phase does take courage but this is where we have to be for true healing to take place.

The 10 of Swords has come back as a reminder of the healing message in the Weekly Video Forecast. Dear one, do not dwell on the pain and loss of things that must die now… Look to the future, to new beginnings. Embrace and release the pain to your angels… they are standing by. I’m not talking spiritual bypass here, because the lessons have already been integrated. You have crowned yourself with the wisdom of them, so the pain is no longer needed (Can I get a hallelujah here?).

The future belongs to those who can hear it coming.
~ David Bowie

The Ace of Cups is also revisiting us, as a reminder that our Life Purpose must emanate from the heart if we are to find the courage to boldly co-create our destiny with Source. Do connect with this pure goddess energy and call on Archangel Gabriel for clarity of vision

The Full Moon on Sunday will be a powerful time to step into the power of this goddess energy. The Moon will be in Leo so it is important to delay any ritual you are planning until Sunday even if the Full Moon takes place on Saturday evening as Leo energy does not jive with Saturn’s day.

Sekhmet is the Goddess to invoke on this Full Moon. She can lend fire to your vision and courage to manifest your intent. Those who wish instead to connect with Angelic energy for manifestation will invoke Archangel Michael instead. Personally, I see no problem in working with both on the same day but you must follow your own heart on this.

Go forth and shine!



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