Top 10 Mojo Tarot Cards + Tips


Top 10 Mojo Tarot Cards for Manifesting a Better Sex Life

All Tarot cards can be used to describe various aspects of sexual energy and intimacy (or lack of) in a reading but not all cards carry mojo and sex drive. If you want to find out which cards to use for manifesting a better, more varied or more intense sex life, you might find the following compilation useful:

22#1 The Ace of Wands – You will be hard pushed to find a more phallic looking card in most Tarot decks. This card speaks of pure desire and is great to use in a  Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) New Moon magick ritual for increasing your sex drive and general pulling power.

Element: Fire

Herbal correspondence: Cayenne pepper, Yarrow

Crystal correspondence: Fire agate


38#2 The 3 of Cups – Known as the ‘duvet dancing’ card. This card carries a more intimate/yin energy than the phallic/yang Ace of Wands. It can be used to manifest new romance or to progress a relationship toward greater intimacy. In a reading it can indicate the presence of a third party, so this is the card if you are in an open relationship and wish to manifest a new lover that will not disturb the harmony with your primary partner. It is also excellent for fertility spells.

Astrological correspondence: Mercury in Cancer

Herbal  correspondence: Birch, Trillium

Crystal correspondence: Carnelian


16#3 The Tower – A card of pure testosterone. Brilliant to use in magick spells to combat male impotence.

Planetary correspondence: Mars

Herbal correspondence: Panax Gingseng, Tarragon, Garlic and Turmeric

Crystal correspondence: Ruby


33#4 The Knight of Wands – So you want to be a player? This Knight can teach you every trick in the book and then some! Use for spells to become more confident on the dating scene.

Astrological correspondence: Leo

Herbal correspondence: St John’s Wort, Bay Leaves

Crystal correspondence: Golden Topaz, Turquoise


34#5 The Queen of Wands – Marilyn Monroe could be modelling for this Tarot card! Get your inner diva on and learn to glam it up with this Queen of Queens. Use in magick spells for increased charisma or if you do not yet have a ‘signature look’ but would like to find one that can attract the right partner for you.

Astrological correspondence: Aries

Herbal correspondence: Ginger, Mustard

Crystal correspondence: Pink Tourmaline, Sardonyx


47#6 The Knight of Cups – Only call on the help of this Knight if you can handle really intense nights of passion. This is your inner tantric guide who is not satisfied with ‘just sex’… there has to be a meeting of souls involved for him to bother showing up.

Astrological correspondence: Scorpio

Herbal correspondence: Panax Ginseng, Wormwood

Crystal correspondence: Herkimer Diamond, Charoite


15#7 The Devil – Are you sure? Things could get messy! However, if you are ready for that Saturnalia or want to enter into a D/s relationship this is the card for you. Use in a spell to allow sexual energy to possess every part of your body but make sure you know how to undo it. These are wild forces of nature you are playing with that could enslave you unless you are careful…

Astrological correspondence: Capricorn

Herbal correspondence: Horsetail, Lobelia

Crystal correspondence: Black Tourmaline, Snowflake Obsidian


03#8 The Empress – Are you ready to embody the Goddess? Use The Empress in a magick ritual together with The Emperor when you are ready to manifest a life partner for starting a family.

Planetary correspondence: Venus

Herbal correspondence: Dong Quai, Almond, Apple

Crystal correspondence: Rose Quartz, Jade, Emerald


09#9 The Hermit – How skilled are you in the area of auto-eroticism? The Hermit can look after his own needs and just because you are single shouldn’t have to mean that you are getting zero sexual enjoyment. Use this cards in magick spells to learn to appreciate and satisfy your own physical body.

Astrological correspondence: Virgo

Herbal correspondence: Licorice, Coriander

Crystal correspondence: Peridot, Chrysocolla


13#10 Death – Intense Tantric transformation and initiation can be invoked through the use of this card in a spell-casting ritual. This is the card that embodies ‘the little death’ and the enormous power to direct the life force energy through sex magick. It is the perfect card to use when you are ready to get serious about discovering the divine transformational power of sex.

Astrological correspondence: Scorpio

Herbal correspondence: Elderberry, Poppy, Black Coneflower

Crystal correspondence: Garnet, Opal, Jet



1. Rest and relax. Sleep is essential for great mojo so make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Don’t sleep in a room full of gadgets and use blackout blinds to make sure the room is dark enough during the lighter half of the year. Make sure you have some daily ‘chill time’ where you do something you enjoy for about 20 minutes (yes, masturbation counts).

Associated Tarot card: 4 of Swords

2. Spend time in the sun. During the winter this can be tricky but even as little as 15-20 minutes a day around lunch time, when the sun is at its highest, will help recharge your mojo. If SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is bothering you, consider getting a therapy light.

Associated Tarot card: The Sun

3. Decorate your bedroom for sensual pleasure. Use colours and textures that put you in the mood. De-clutter (no office equipment allowed!)

Associated Tarot card: 4 of Wands

4. Buy some new lingerie and start wearing the nice stuff daily. Wearing good lingerie just for you, with lovely colours and textures close to your skin will instantly boost your mojo.

Associated Tarot card: Queen of Wands

5. Eat for mojo: blackberries, broccoli, cranberries, eggs, salmon, dark chocolate, ginger, oatmeal are all foods that boost the libido. The supplements ginseng and ginkgo biloba may also help. Make sure you drink enough water. Dehydration kills your mojo very quickly.

Associated Tarot card: The Empress

6. Exercise for increased blood flow to all parts of the body, more energy and greater stamina. Exercise also boosts your mood as well as your body confidence. It’s a win-win!

Associated Tarot card: Knight of Wands

7. Erotica (or porn)! Erotic films, images and literature can and should be used for inspiration. Observe what turns you on without judging it.

Associated Tarot card: The Moon

8. Moderate amounts of alcohol, such as one glass of wine can help you feel in the mood instantly. Overdo it and you get the opposite effect, including depression the next day.

Associated Tarot card: 9 of Cups

9. Pamper yourself. Get a massage, manicure, hair cut… anything that makes you feel and look fantastic.

Associated Tarot card: 9 of Pentacles

10. Boost your self-esteem by doing more of the things you enjoy and that are good for you. Use positive affirmations, be disciplined about your positive habits and work toward your goals on a daily basis. If you do this, you will start radiating with a sense of purpose that is incredibly attractive and sexy.

Associated Tarot card: Emperor


Deck used: Decameron Tarot



~ Lisa