Understanding Sexual Energy Through the Chakras and Tarot

The Tarot cards have many uses and as a holistic healer, I have enjoyed exploring the connection between the Tarot cards and the chakras for many years now. The Root chakra is where the kundalini (life force) energy lies dormant until all blocks to this highly sexual energy is cleared in the upper chakras. Once all blocks have been cleared, you have easy access to sexual bliss every time you make love because there is nothing blocking the horizontal connection with the Beloved OR the vertical connection with Source.

Each chakra represents a growth stage and its associated lessons. Some spiritual teachers associate the development of a specific chakra with an age range but I don’t necessarily agree with this limited linear approach. Growth often happens in fits and starts, can be circular (or spiral) rather than linear and it is entirely possible to regress, especially with drug or alcohol abuse.

The Root chakra develops first  and the lessons associated with it help us feel safe, grounded and secure. The genitals are associated with this chakra. An overactive Root chakra could manifest in sexual promiscuity and an underactive one in frigidity and impotence.

The Tarot cards associated with the Root chakra are The Emperor, The Devil, The World and also The Tower.

The Sacral chakra usually develops next and the lessons associated with it helps us to relate to others in healthy and meaningful ways. The ability to enjoy sensual pleasures is associated with this chakra. The Shadow aspects belonging to this energy centre are jealousy, emotional manipulation and neediness. Healthy interdependence becomes impossible when this chakra is underactive (withdrawal) or in overdrive (various forms of manipulative behaviour).

The Tarot corresponding Tarot cards for the Sacral Chakra are The Empress, The Hanged Man and The High Priestess.

The Solar Plexus chakra develops when we are ready to gain greater understanding about our personal power and boundaries. Anger issues are associated with this chakra, as is dominance and submission. Sexual power play (BDSM) can be used in healing ways (conscious kink) to work through these issues in awareness.

Corresponding Major Arcana cards for the Solar Plexus chakra are The Sun and The Chariot, and also The Tower.

The Heart chakra developing healthily depends on our ability to empathise and love self as well as others unconditionally. This is the chakra where we unite with our Beloved as well as the Divine in love-making. If this chakra is well balanced and in harmony, the other chakras usually follow suit.

The Tarot Majors that are associated with the Heart chakra are The Lovers, Justice, Strength and Temperance.

The Troat chakra is a centre for (artistic) self-expression as well as expression of will. A well-developed throat chakra increases a person’s mojo exponentially making them appear more charismatic and with better leadership abilities than your average person. However, an overactive throat chakra could easily make you come across as overbearing. When this energy centre is underactive, you may hold back on communication out of fear of how others perceive you and you may also find that other people misunderstand you a lot.

The Tarot cards that correspond with the Throat Chakra are The Magician, The Hierophant and the Wheel of Fortune.

The Third Eye chakra develops as we master lessons about intuitive guidance. We discern truth and wisdom through our third eye. As the kundalini energy rises through the (healthy/unblocked) chakras during love-making, the Third Eye lights up and we can literally see ‘fireworks.’ The less judgemental you are, the clearer your third eye will be. Only without judgement will you be able to perceive things and people the way they actually are. To be adoringly beheld by a lover who truly sees us is what we all long for deep down.

The Tarot cards associated with the Third Eye are The Moon, The Hermit and The High Priestess.

The Crown chakra is the chakra of Divine Oneness and is known as the ‘thousand petalled lotus.’ It is pure consciousness, also known as bliss. This energy centre only functions fully when we let go of our ego’s need to be in charge.

Corresponding Tarot Majors for the Crown Chakra are The Hanged Man, The Star, The Fool and Judgement.

Each of these chakras can be fine-tuned with a little help from the Tarot. Try pulling a card for each chakra and GO HERE for individual card meanings to see what you need to release or work on at each chakra level.

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Blessed be!