Week Ahead Tarot Spread


Do you like to sit down on a Sunday night and plan the week ahead? If that’s you, an in-depth Week Ahead Tarot Spread might come in handy for a heads-up about the major themes and challenges for the week. This Tarot spread also provides divine guidance

In spit of providing in-depth guidance, the spread above is super easy to read. It divides your life into four key areas and allows you to get a pretty good, balanced overview of what to expect during the next 7 days:

  1. Personal development/wellbeing
  2. Home, family or neighbours
  3. Partnerships & Romance
  4. Work, money

For each of these four areas, you start by laying out four oracle cards for divine guidance in the top row (cards 1-4). Any oracle with an uplifting message and guidance to see you through any troubles you might foresee will work well. If you are not used to mixing oracle cards with the Tarot, you may wish to read this first. Alternatively, you may wish to choose to work with the Tarot for the cards in the top row too – that’s totally fine!

The middle row (cards 5-8) shows you the main theme for each individual area.

The bottom row (cards 9-12) shows the crossing cards, signifying the main challenge for each of the four areas.

Have a great week!

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