Weekend Love Forecast for HSP’s

13 November 2015 Love and Romance Forecast for HSP's

Hi there HSP friends, today is Friday the 13th and without further ado, I give you this weekend’s love and romance forecast!

Again, I have chosen to work with the The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck, the The Romance Angels Oracle Cards and the Thelema Tarot.

Let’s start with what’s on the cards for HSP’s who are single and looking.


Stay Optimistic About Your Love Life


The two cards at the top of the spread give us the romance theme for the weekend. ‘Stay Optimistic About Your Love Life’ + ‘Opportunity Beckons’ (trad. 4 of Cups)

There is a temptation after the high of the New Moon to get down in the dumps if you don’t see immediate results. What I take from the combined two card images at the top is to keep putting daily offerings on the altar of Aphrodite, symbolically speaking. You need to keep your faith strong if you performed a magical working by acting as if your wish has already been realised.

The three cards at the bottom give us the how. The King of Pentacles is a sign that now is a good time to look after your health if you’ve let diet and exercise slide. You want someone fit and healthy, right? Then you have to be what you wish to attract.

You also wish for someone kind and generous… so find a way of getting involved with charity or ‘paying it forward’ this weekend (6 of Pentacles).

The Star is confirmation that you will get your wish of true love so stay optimistic and don’t let any opportunities for love of any form pass you by. The more you keep your heart open to share and give with compassion, the brighter you light will shine… and the sooner the One will find you!



You Deserve Love

Here we find ‘You Deserve Love’ and ‘Lead’ (trad. The Emperor) as the romantic theme for the weekend ahead.

This combination speaks of a need to act on your need to feel loved… Don’t leave it to the other person, just because your sense of self-worth needs validating. Even if you don’t feel as if you deserve to be spoilt rotten by romantic attention, act as if you do. Sometimes it has to filter into the heart from the outside but it’s never good to depend on the Other for this. Doing so only leads to blame when they don’t ‘deliver.’

Self-validate this weekend so that you can be the love you seek from your partner. It could be that they are holding back for the same reasons… they are waiting to be validated… for someone else to take the lead. And they you find yourselves caught in a stalemate which quickly kills all joy and spontaneity…

This weekend is all about (re-)learning how to play and have fun together with The Lovers followed by the two Pages. Have a ‘beginner’s mind’ about your partner and the relationship. Vow to learn one new thing about them… What question can you ask to find out? And vow to do something together that you have never done before. Be brave, take the lead… and watch like blossom like it’s springtime! (I suppose it is if you’re down under!) 🙂


Blessed Be!


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