Weekly Forecast for HSP’s


Weekly Angelic Tarot and Oracle Forecast for HSP's week beginning 9 November

Dear Highly Sensitive Person,

We’re having a bit of a stormy start to the week here in the North of England but I must admit I’m quite enjoying it because we’re nice and snug indoors and the cups of tea taste that much better when you can hear the wind howling outside. I also find that my imagination and desire to read/study is stimulated by this weather… and a good thing it is, since venturing outside could land a roof tile or even a small tree on your head.

Sooooo… I thought I’d crack on with the weekly Tarot forecast for the magical week starting 9 November, 2015…

The Layout

  1. Overall theme of the week
  2. Work/Life Purpose
  3. Health/Vitality Levels
  4. Relationships
  5. Further info about work
  6. Further info about health
  7. Further info about relationships

The Forecast

1. Overall theme. We could not really ask for a more apt theme card for this week than Eros – Desire from the Mythic Oracle! We are deep into the month of Scorpio, with a Scorpio New Moon coming up on 11/11. Scorpio is all about passion and desire and 11/11 is a gateway number that can help you manifest your deepest desire. Passion is ignited and your desire for whatever is calling you will continue to wax throughout the week.

The focus will vary depending you your path. For some of you it will be with regards to your Life Purpose and for others the focus will be more on Romance. Either way, a sense of connecting with a higher purpose will drive you forward this week and you will find yourself fuelled by divine longing. What may have seemed scary or beyond reach before now beckons and you, quickened by desire, step forward to embrace your destiny.

2 + 5. Work & Life Purpose. Protected from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards and 2 of Swords from the Thelema Tarot is a sign that you are now in the process of aligning your mind with your heart and that you are completely safe while you take your time in doing so. Your heart is bursting with desire to move forward on your path but you have yet to figure out the logistics and details… and that’s OK. Know that as long as you act on your desire to embrace your mission, you are completely safe. Archangel Michael has your back!

You may wish to connect with Archangel Gabriel this week. Gabriel rules the Moon and the 2 of Swords is Moon in Libra. Once the first sliver of New Moon becomes visible in the sky later on this week, take a moment to pause and connect. Look at it (or create a mental image of it if you cannot see it) and ask Archangel Gabriel to give you a clear sign about your life purpose – a sign that you can act on, if you are uncertain what your next step ought to be.

3 + 6. Health & Vitality Levels. Alternative Medicine from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards and the 4 of Pentacles speak of your ability to self-heal and regenerate from within as well as from connecting with Nature this week. Spend time in nature, grounding your energy and learning to sense the chi flow. Try walking barefoot for some proper earthing.

Find your stability with a balancing practice. It doesn’t have to be full on yoga – mindful balancing on one foot for a minute on each leg every day will do. You are called to earth your desire so that Gaia can respond with the appropriate energy that will nurture this into being. This week is all about connecting deeply with both your desire and the wonderful healing power of the Earth.

The 4 of Pentacles corresponds with Sun in Capricorn and the associated Archangels are Michael and Cassiel. Michael is the one to invoke if you feel your vitality levels flagging. Honour his presence by spending time outside during the lightest part of the day – even if to just breathe deeply for a minute and fill yourself up with light and oxygen. Cassiel can help protect your root chakra and your connection to Earth of you struggle to stay grounded.

4 + 7. Relationships. Calling in Your Soulmate from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards is a sign that you can use the influx of magnetic energy made available to you during the New Moon in Scorpio on 11/11 and make a wish if you wish to find The One. For those of you who are already coupled it can mean that now is a great time to increase your friendship circle with some true soulmate friends.

The 4 of Swords (Jupiter in Libra) gives us the how. You are meant to go within to light the fire of your magnetic power in meditation. What?! Yep… Start calling them in and they will come. Visualise the light of their soul approaching the light of yours through the darkness and it will come to pass, whether it be a lover or a friend you seek. You totally have the power to do this! However, there is no shame in asking for a bit of help from Archangel Anael (ruler of Libra) with this. And you may also wish to charge a piece of rose quartz for this purpose during your New Moon Ritual.

All in all, I predict that a lot of power will be made available to us this week… that is why it is so important to take the advice from the Tarot to stay grounded, connected and centred in meditation, as well as to not rush ahead without clear signs from our angels.

I look forward to hearing how this resonates and how it all plays out in your life this week… Please share this with your HSP friends!

Blessed Be!