Weekly Forecast for HSP’s

23 November Week Ahead Forecast for HSP's

Hi HSP Friends,

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. We had a cold snap here in the North of England and I got to enjoy a walk in the snow around the Cow Green Reservoir, right at the top of the River Tees. It was a simple pleasure that created a sense of bliss. The fresh cold air also made me tired enough to fall asleep in the afternoon – very rare for me!

Cow Green Reservoir

This week promises blessings and wishes coming true for all of us, as The Star graces us with her presence.

Let’s see what else ‘The Powers That Be’ want us to be aware of for the week beginning 23 November…

The Layout

  1. Overall theme of the week
  2. Work/Life Purpose
  3. Health/Vitality Levels
  4. Relationships
  5. Further info about work
  6. Further info about health
  7. Further info about relationships

The Forecast

1. Overall theme. Here we find ‘Beauty’ represented by Helen of Troy from the Mythic Oracle. There are three questions Spirit are asking me to forward to you on the topic of beauty:

Do you feel beautiful (if not, why not)? Do you surround and nourish yourself with beauty? How will you begin radiating the beauty of your soul from within this week?

2 + 5. Work & Life Purpose. Speaker from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards and 4 of Pentacles Thelema Tarot give us a theme of words of power. For some of you, these words of power are the talks you give to groups of people on spiritual and metaphysical topics. And for some it will be about asserting your boundaries in the work environment.

The Archangelic correspondences for the 4 of Pentacles are Michael (Sun) and Cassiel (Capricorn). The title of the card is ‘Power.’ This is about using your words to create a stable and safe environment for yourself and others. What you say right now matters a great deal. Make sure to make your voice heard. Trust in the power of purity of intent.

Say what you have to say in as beautiful a way as possible… A teaspoon of honey makes the medicine go down.

3 + 6. Health & Vitality Levels. Hydration from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards and the The Star tells us that now is a good time to detox and purify your body from within. Ask Archangel Raphael to bless each glass of water you drink today (and every day this week) and visualise how the water purifies every cell of your body.

A way forward is promised if you have been feeling under the weather and hope is restored if you have been suffering with any long-term health issues. The Star resonates with both energies of Archangels Cassiel, Anael and Uriel. Let’s put the angelic names in a simple yet powerful sentence that will help you regain full health in the week ahead: A disciplined approach (Cassiel) to radiating beauty (Anael) from within will restore the brightness (Uriel) of your being.

 4 + 7. Relationships. Free Yourself from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards together with the truth-questing Knight of Swords is a combo that asks you to be very honest with yourself this week about what your most intimate relationship, friendship or romantic dalliance actually brings to the table in terms of beauty, purity and a divine connection. There won’t be much neutral ground as the Knight of Swords is not one for grey zones. You will know if this person is good for you or if it is someone you need to free yourself from and you are called to act on this knowledge.

The Knight of Swords rules the last ten days (decan) of Capricorn and the first two decans of Aquarius. The corresponding Archangels are Cassiel and Uriel. If you do find that you need to free yourself from the influence of someone who is holding you back or acting as an energy vampire, you may also wish to invoke the assistance of Archangel Michael for cord cutting.

Ask the Angels to be with you in your dreamtime in the week ahead. You can expect to receive many clear messages so keep your dream journal close at hand and write it all down. The best way to remember the dream in detail is to lie in bed with your eyes closed and spend a few minutes recalling the dream – then write it all down.

I hope you find this forecast useful and please remember to share it with your HSP friends!

Blessed Be!