Weekly Forecast for HSP’s

7 Dec Weekly Forecast for HSP's

Hi HSP friend,

How was your weekend? Ours was stormy, to say the least. Storm Desmond took part of the shed roof off and had me worried about my poor Mog who went missing for a few hours but thankfully made it back home in one piece. I could tell the storm had scared him quite badly because he went and hid behind the sofa when he came in. He’s back to his normal grumpy self now, thank Bast!

Apparently we have another storm front moving in later on today. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. But I’m so very grateful that we live in a house that can withstand these conditions and that we don’t live in an area that is at risk of floods. If you’ve been following the UK news, you will have seen some severe flooding only 70 or so miles west of where I live, in the Lakes and Carlisle area.

It’s quiet now, for a while, so I thought I’d crack on with this week’s forecast before I have to batten down the hatches again…

The Layout

  1. Overall theme of the week
  2. Work/Life Purpose
  3. Health/Vitality Levels
  4. Relationships
  5. Further info about work
  6. Further info about health
  7. Further info about relationships

The Forecast

1. Overall theme.  Intuitive Art Guide from the Path of the Soul, Destiny Cards gives us a focus on the Water Element (Archangel Gabriel) for the week ahead. You are becoming increasingly attuned to your inner guidance and the more you learn to trust this, the better able you will become to help others do the same.

A few days ago, I felt drawn to blog about how we can boost our intuition, so if you feel you struggle a bit with hearing and trusting your inner guidance, you may find this article helpful in the week ahead.

2 + 5. Work & Life Purpose. Artist from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards and 6 of Pentacles (Sun in Scorpio) from the Wheel of the Year Tarot shows us that focusing on creative endeavours will attune us to the work we are here to do. Allow your intuitive feelings of joy and excitement to guide you, just like you did when you were a young child.

Don’t worry so much about the finished product. Get busy doing and guidance about purpose will come through the doing. It doesn’t have to be drawing or painting… it can be singing, playing an instrument, dancing, writing, beadwork… anything that catches your fancy. Pencil in some time in your busy schedule this week because it could be potentially life-changing in terms of helping you understand what you are here to do.

3 + 6. Health & Vitality Levels. Yes! from the Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards is another strong message about the need to trust your own inner guidance. The Hermit (Virgo) shows us that ‘the writing is on the wall’ for those who have eyes to see.

Your own body will tell you exactly what you need and when you are doing the things that truly nourish it. It will also tells you what needs fixing. Spend some time tuning in this week. Maybe even schedule a mirror session if you have the guts to do so.

Get naked and stand in front of the mirror. Is the reflection one of health and wellbeing? Then… YES! You are showing your body the love and respect it deserves. If not… What is the ‘writing on the wall’ telling you? Your own inner wisdom will guide you right if you observe without judgement and self-condemnation.

Write your thoughts down and come up with an intuitive action plan for getting your health back on track.

 4 + 7. Relationships. Worth Waiting For from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards teams up with the mega-intuitive Queen of Cups (Cancer) to emphasise the previous messages about the need to tune in to your own inner guidance when it comes to your relationships too.

If you are single and sort of seeing someone that you are hoping will turn into ‘The One’ even though your heart (or theirs) is not currently in it, please understand that your emotions are guiding you away from this relationship.  The Right One will be worth the wait and the current discord between mind and heart simply won’t be there.

Those of you who are coupled, may find that you are more sensitive than usual this week. Try not to take what your partner does personally and beware of this when it comes to friendships too.

A general heads up from the Angelic realm is that people may be more emotional and lacking objectivity more than usual this week. While tuning into your own emotions and intuitive guidance will yield rich rewards creatively and when it comes to guidance about your health/relationships, you may need to detach from the drama and manipulation of others more than usual.

The Archangels to work with in the week ahead are Gabriel for increased intuitive guidance and Michael for truth and objectivity, as well as cord cutting if necessary.

Work with selenite to more easily receive divine messages and black tourmaline to stay grounded and realistic about what is going on both within and around you.

Blessed Be!