What Can a Holistic Tarot Reading Do for You?

What is a holistic Tarot reading?

A deck of cards… what can you actually gain from consulting a deck of cards? Isn’t a Tarot reading only something for the extremely gullible that are afraid of getting cursed unless they cross the fortune-tellers palm with silver?

No. And I’ll tell you why in only two words: archetypes and synchronicity

Divination and fortune-telling both work based on these two principles. They obviously don’t work without the reader but if you are human, you are more or less psychic… and if you are in the slightest bit psychic, looking at archetypal imagery, will begin bringing information to the surface.

Five Elements that Are Present in Holistic Tarot Readings

In an article , I outlined what five elements have to be present for a Tarot reading to be considered holistic divination rather than ‘fortune-telling’:

  • They are proactive
  • They outline the choices that will best enable you to align with your Higher Self
  • Holistic healing techniques, affirmations and/or remedies are included in the reading
  • Can only be done for clients who are seeking soul growth – a Holistic Tarot Reader is not doing the reading FOR you as much as working WITH you on overcoming obstacles and limitations to full freedom of expression and total wellbeing
  • Dialogue takes place and the reading is not complete until you feel that you are taking tools with you that will help you move forward in the best way possible with regard to your question/issue

The Question Matters

The kind of questions you could be helped with by a Holistic Tarot reader covers every aspect of life and work best when you focus on how to remove obstacles to manifesting your goals. Hence an awareness of what those goals might be is a good starting point before you contact a Holistic Tarot reader.

You will find sample Do and Don’t questions for holistic relationship Tarot readings HERE.

A Holistic Tarot reader will be trained at in least one other therapy/healing modality, in order to give helpful advice based on the insights revealed by the cards. This is something to bear in mind if you specifically want a Holistic Tarot reading and are not sure if the Tarot reader you are thinking of asking for a reading has the right background. Don’t be afraid to ask. A professional Tarot reader will give you frank and honest answers… and if they are at all cagey about their background, you know they are not right for you.

No Judgment

Please understand that I am not judging anyone who just straight-up reads the cards or tells fortunes. Nor do I pass judgement on clients who want their fortunes told. But I have my boundaries when it comes to those requests. And I do wish that people were more aware of the nature of time itself because the future is most definitely NOT set in stone and many ‘predictions’ end up becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

Then, of course, there are the elements in life that are fated, like birth and death. The question is… Is it helpful to read on this? Do you really want to know? Personally, I choose to tackle the things I can actually change. Anything else feels a bit like banging my head against the wall.  Better then to pray for grace to accept whatever comes when it comes…

This doesn’t mean a Holistic Tarot reading can’t show you anything about possible outcomes or trends for the future. It absolutely can… and it is often a lot more accurate than a weather forecast – especially if you stick to the sage advice of the ancient magickal axiom, ‘spell long, divine short’… meaning that a spell should be cast well in advance but divination works better for a shorter time frame.


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