8-14 January 2018 Week Ahead Tarot Forecast

8-14 January 2018 Week Ahead Messages

8-14 January 2018 Week Ahead Tarot Forecast

Hello and Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you are well after the first working week of 2018. The week ahead pick-a-card Tarot forecasts are back after a couple of week’s break over the Holidays. For the week of January 8, we are working with the Secret Language of Color Cards, Pamela Coleman Smith RWS Tarot and the Golden Wirth Tarot.

Make your selection now, before scrolling down to the general guidance message and the reveal. To choose intuitively, take a moment to relax and centre your energy. The right number will give a resonance in your body that the other two numbers won’t. If you find it difficult to choose intuitively, you can go to random.org and allow a digital randomizer choose for you – Both ways of choosing are valid and work on the same principle of synchronicity.

General Guidance for the Week Ahead

General Oracle and Tarot Card guidance for the week of 8 January 2018

The Tarot Major Arcana card that sets the tone for the week ahead is ‘Le Pape’ which is known as The Hierophant in the RWS Tarot. This is Fixed Earth energy that asks us to really take stock of what we value and invest only in that which is useful. In the process of doing so, we are encouraged to rely on tradition – no need to reinvent the wheel, in other words!

This need to take stock of our values concerns Mind-Body-Spirit matters in particular. Where in your life is a more holistic approach needed? Where are you fragmenting or compartmentalising? What needs pruning from your life now (Waning Moon Week). How can you simplify your life? Who can you learn from and what family traditions might be helpful in terms of achieving a greater sense of wellbeing?

Week Ahead Tarot 8-14 January 2018

5-14 January 2018 Tarot and Oracle Card Week Ahead Forecast Reveal


You chose card combination number 1

Plum with the Page of Pentacles tells us that you could be struggling with concentration at the moment. There is no way around this so you will need to be patient with  yourself in the week ahead. Slow down and take notes. Acknowledge your emotions and talk about them. The main challenge this week most likely concerns a work situation or studies that threaten to overwhelm. The antidote lies in believing that you have what it takes to overcome this challenge. Strengthen your faith through prayer and meditation. Ask for help if need be. Cut yourself lots of slack and don’t be afraid to say no when people ask you to do things for them. You are enough and you don’t have to always be helping others to establish your self-worth. If you do make sure to pace yourself this week, you can overcome your challenges without too much drama.

Power crystals: Amethyst and rose quartz

You chose card combination number 2

Rainbow and the 5 of Cups is a sign that you are now ready to move on from an emotionally difficult situation. Now, this Waning Moon week, is the perfect time to let go and start focusing on the future instead. Cut cords, scrape the dirt off your boots, burn old letters… whatever it takes to signal to yourself and the Universe that you are done. Rainbow promises clear skies ahead and reminds us that healing speeds up when we spend more time in the great outdoors. It’s difficult to feel heavy-hearted after a brisk winter walk… Stagnant energy be gone!

Power crystals: Mystic topaz and aqua aura

You chose card combination number 3

Your second chakra is on FI-yah! this week with Amber and The Magician. The challenge is to not get stuck on the fantasy stage with all your new great ideas now but to go ahead and ACT on them! Your confidence levels should be above average and your charisma/pulling power will also get an amber boost. The Magician is the Master of Communication so now is the time to put your point across or speak up for yourself.

Power crystals: Amber, tiger’s eye and clear quartz