pick a card for the week ahead free angelic guidance

Angelic Week Ahead Guidance

pick a card for the week ahead free angelic guidance

Hello, friends! How has your week been so far? I know many of you are starting to dream big and feel hopeful about the future in terms of actually DOING what they came here to do. If that is you, then I am your number one cheerleader! I want you to feel totally supported on this journey of bringing your light into the world.

All my week ahead forecasts are created with the aim of helping you fully align with your calling. This week I felt drawn to work with the Secret Language of Colour cards. Now is a good time to pick one of the cards above but first I want you to breathe in, pull your shoulders up to your ears and squeeze them there while you hold your breath while counting to four… release and breathe out noisily through your mouth… make any sound you feel like making. Repeat two more times, then shake your arms and hands.

Feel a bit more chilled? Great… go ahead and trust your intuition! Don’t feel relaxed at all? Let the digital randomiser choose your number and simply trust in synchronicity. Then scroll down for the reveal…

This week, we have a spiritual message for all of us as the ‘filler’ to keep you from peeking at the reveal. This message is from the Sacred Rebels Oracle. Basically, if you have been waiting for a sign from Heaven to go ahead with your plans and make your dreams manifest (especially where service to humanity is concerned) then this is it!

Just do it! The Universe has your back and you have a whole host of angels at your disposal. Now is not the time to let fear hold you back. The fear isn’t even real – it’s part of the illusion created by the enemy. Listen carefully: you cannot fail by acting on inner guidance. If you are using fear as an excuse, it will become even harder to act the next time you are asked to do something. You will also get smaller and smaller tasks to do as you prove to the Powers That Be that you cannot be entrusted with any significant assignments.

What are you starting to bring into form? I would love to hear from you in the comments so that I can cheer you on!


pick a card for the week ahead free angelic guidance reveal secret language of color cards

You have chosen number one. Mauve. The angel that has a message for you is Archangel Jeremiel. He wants you to know that the reason you are not hearing your inner guidance clearly is because you are carrying resentment, bitterness and anger around with you. It is time to let go of all of these negative emotions and forgive everyone. To receive clear spiritual guidance, you must raise your vibration and to act on it, you must keep it high. ‘Hear no evil.’ Listen only to the things that give you peace of mind and bring you harmony. Detach from drama. Forgive yourself for your own addiction to drama. You know there is a better, more peaceful path ahead of now… It is safe to let go… Ritually create a line (draw it or lay down a broomstick) on the ground. Imagine taking the hand of Archangel Jeremiel as you jump over this line and say out loud ‘I am free from the burden of resentment and I hear my spirit guides clearly!’

You have chosen card number two. Watermelon. The angel that has a message for you is Archangel Metatron. He wants you to re-member who you are. You have a playful spirit and your inner child is dying to come out to play. Take its hand this week. Create just for the fun of it… get your crayons out… strum your guitar… As you open up space for your inner child to express itself this way, you will become a natural receiver for inner guidance and reclaim the childlike agility which makes it possible to act instantly as well as joyfully on the guidance you do receive. Your calling is of a highly creative nature. Think of it in terms of helping others play more as well and laugh out loud as the fear goes ‘Poof!’ and vanishes in a cloud of green smoke. Call on Archangel Metatron to support your inner child and bring back your sense of awe.

You picked card number three. Plum. The angel that has a message for you is Shekinah. Your task is to bring down more of the Sacred Feminine to Earth at this time. You have had your mettle tested since birth and many of you will have arrived at this point after surviving abuse and trauma. You are a wounded healer who is now done with being wrapped up in her own ‘woundology’ and who is ready to face the world as a healer and teacher of the divine arts. You are an energy healer, seer and/or someone who has the ability to facilitate highly creative workshops, where people can grow and explore their spirit essence. You are here to light up Lightworkers. You are here to raise an army of Spirit Warriors for the Divine Feminine and to restore balance and harmony on Earth. Ask Shekinah to touch your womb/sacral chakra to activate your true seat of personal power.

So much love!

Lisa Frideborg

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