April Tarotscopes

April Tarotscopes

Well, it looks like winter finally arrived… in March! I don’t know about you but I’m over winter now and it is such a joy to see the Page of Wands come out and guide us for the April Tarotscopes. It gives me hope that many of us will start feeling more energised and creative once more.

People who are not enjoying their lives in the present have lust for life in the future. Lust for life is always in the future. It is a postponement. They are saying, ‘We cannot enjoy today so we will enjoy tomorrow.’ They are saying, ‘Right this moment we cannot celebrate, so let there be a tomorrow so that we can celebrate.’
~ Rajneesh

The Page of Wands loves living in the moment. He doesn’t dwell on the past or worry about the future but goes after his heart’s desire as if the present moment is all we have… And in truth it is! If you have been feeling full of inertia and have been having trouble getting going with new projects, this looks set to end now.

The first couple of weeks of April, we’ll be in the wake of the powerful Libra Full Moon. The next New Moon is in Aries on 16 April. The next Full Moon coincides with Beltane on 30 April – a powerful time for magic of all kinds!

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising Signs as well as your Sun Sign for the full picture of what is in store for April. We are working with the Morgan Greer Tarot for the April Tarotscopes.

April Tarotscopes

Aries Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes Aries

Some of the plans you have for the month ahead may require flexibility/adaptability on your part. Events around members of your family may require you to put some of the things you planned on the back-burner.

Try to be more patient and empathetic. Celebrate that you have a family even IF they sometimes (unintentionally) throw spanners in the works. If you start feeling irritable about not having your own way, repeat the mantra ‘This too will pass.’

Trying to force your own time line is going to get you nowhere fast. Surrender to the present moment and find enjoyment in the little things. Be OK with not being able to see the full picture and prepare to be surprised in ways that may alter the way you view the world forever.

Being kind is more important than being right.

Taurus Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 02 Taurus

This is a big month where love and romance are concerned for you, whether it be new love or renewal of romance within an existing relationship. You are more receptive and open to love than usual. Perhaps you have let go of some blocks to love recently and this has paved the way for you to be filled with love.

Give yourself time to daydream and trust your emotions/intuition to guide you right. Your intuition is incredibly powerful at the moment. Others may benefit from this too if they seek you out in the capacity of the Queen of Cups who is the most psychic of all the court cards.

One thing to guard against this month is a tendency to view the world through rose-tinted spectacles. A grounding practice that helps you stay realistic about your prospects is probably beneficial in the weeks ahead.

Gemini Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 03 Gemini

Watch out for someone who is seeking a partnership with you or who wants to work with you on a new project. Their intentions may not be pure. Be especially wary if this person has already shown tendencies to underhanded behaviour in the past. As Maya Angelou said: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

This person is probably very good at sounding optimistic but chances are they are jealous of what you do and that is NOT the kind of energy you need to invite in right now. Guard your boundaries and keep your cards close to your chest. Psychic protection may also be in order.

Cancer Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 04 Cancer

This is a great month for turning any creative ideas you have into a new business venture. Just make sure to do your research about the finance side of things so that you are grounded into reality. Optimism will carry you far but you also need a firm foundation. Everything you need to get going is available to you now, so go for it!

Healthwise, watch out for a tendency to deal with stress through food/drink and come up with a game plan for how to deal with this.

You should have plenty of energy in April, so if you do overindulge you should be able to re-balance the scales by hitting the gym or going for a run.

Leo Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes Leo

Your mind and emotions are really at war with each other this month. This most likely has to do with close relationships ending, backstabbing and jealousy. Not pleasant themes to work through but they are surfacing for healing.

Spend time with your heart so that you can begin to align your mind with your emotions. Ask yourself what is fair in this situation. A solution will come, seemingly out of the blue if you have the courage to go into the silence with regards to this situation and trust your inner guidance.

Work with rhodocrosite for emotional healing and anger management if you like to seek support from our crystal allies.

Virgo Tarotscope 

April Tarotscopes 06 Virgo

Single and looking? If you are in pursuit of a long-term committed relationship, you may need to adjust your game plan. At the moment, it looks like you are in danger of attracting mainly players. Check your own intent and motives and make sure that what you put out there matches what you truly want for your life in terms of reciprocal love. You’ll be tempted more than once with offers that you should probably give wide berth.

Coupled? The sap is rising and it’s time to start spicing your love life up. Dare to be more adventurous and give way to wild abandon in the bedroom. Playing away may cause irrevocable damage so steer clear of the temptation. This relationship looks worth holding onto so don’t risk it all for one night of pleasure.

Libra Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 07 Libra

New love is on the cards but you need to come up with creative solutions to make it happen. Connect with your sense of inner beauty and get yourself online. You have so much to offer, don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

Love coupled with truth is another theme for Libra in April. The connecting point is Nature and your own human nature. Keeping it real is where it’s at. This is how you tap effortless beauty and stay in harmony with your Self.

Stand up for what you believe in. Shedding a pattern of people-pleasing is entirely possible in the weeks ahead. Standing up for yourself makes you beautiful in the eyes of all the right people.

Scorpio Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 08 Scorpio

You long for fun, adventure and travel in April but your bank account doesn’t agree. Come up with a plan about what you can do to cheer yourself up that doesn’t cost a fortune. What can you do a bit more of on a daily basis that would help you stay happy and full of energy?

What can you do once a week that would help you stay sane through the daily grind? What one event/inexpensive trip could you budget for?

You are the boss of your own life and happiness, so take it all in your own hands but be responsible about it to avoid having to pay the piper further down the line.

Sagittarius Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 09 Sagittarius

It looks like networking and prostitution might be the fine line you are walking this month. And I’m not talking about charging for sexual services but about the risk of selling out. You want financial success and abundance and you deserve to have it. Just make sure that you do everything now with pure intentions, otherwise you may end up regretting the end result like Davide Bowie regretted some of his career moves in the 80’s.

Before making any decisions or accepting any offers, ask yourself ‘Is my heart in it?’ The spotlight will shine on you this month – Make sure it is for all the right reasons!

Trust your inspiration and act on it. If you move forward with integrity, you can’t go far wrong – Never mind the naysayers!

Capricorn Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 10 Capricorn

You are once again living from the heart and ready for your next big adventure. Time to plan ahead and trust that you are indeed moving toward a brighter future. It sounds a bit corny but in a sense, the world is your oyster in April. You may not have the money to travel but your spirit is soaring high above the clouds and all those mountains littered across your path have shrunk back to the size of mole hills.

Stay focused and draw on inspiration from art and nature. You are on a beautiful mission – Keep the faith and well done on the heart healing!

Aquarius Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 11 Aquarius

An old family secret or something that happened in your distant past is coming up for healing this month. This is something that carries feelings of guilt and/or shame which is why it hasn’t been talked about and why your mind has done its best to shove it away in some dark corner.

Until you acknowledge this incident and release the people involved (including yourself) through forgiveness, you will not know peace. Your mind will keep tying itself into knots over it and may well haunt you in the form of nightmares.

Talk to someone who is able to support you through this process. It could be a friend or a professional but it must be someone who makes you feel completely safe and whom you can trust completely to keep your secret. Once you have unburdened yourself through a sort of ‘confession’ session, you will be ready to start the next chapter of your life.

Pisces Tarotscope

April Tarotscopes 12 Pisces

Your confidence levels are on the rise and you are growing so rapidly now that you may soon feel like you completely reinvented yourself. Any residual pull toward submitting your will to others is fading now and you are starting to trust your own vision completely.

This is an awesome place to be, right at the start of the next leg of your Hero’s Journey. Decide carefully who you will take with you on this leg. Make sure they are like-minded visionaries who appreciate strength and confidence in their fellow travellers.

Some people will not be able to follow where you go now and you are OK with that – You have a greater than usual sense of independence and emotional freedom. Past lessons about co-dependency have been mastered and integrated. Relating takes place on a higher plane where there is no longer a need for emotional manipulation – only inspiration, friendship and all the right kind of weirdness.


Lisa Frideborg

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