August Tarotscopes

August Tarotscopes

August Tarotscopes

Hello my friends, we’re still in the middle of what seems like a never-ending heatwave here in the UK. My brain is pretty much fried… but I’m not going to forget about the month ahead Tarotscopes this time!

Important dates in August

It probably hasn’t escaped many of you that we are still in the middle of eclipse season. At the time of writing this, we’re looking forward to the Aquarius Blood Moon lunar eclipse on Friday, 27 July. The next eclipse is the New Moon partial solar eclipse in Leo on 11 August.

Good news! Two of the retrogrades end toward the end of August. First Mercury stations direct on the 19th and then Mars on the 27th.

The August Full Moon is on the 26th.

Those of you who honour the Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year will want to mark 2 August for Lammas (aka First Harvest or Lughnasad).

General theme / spiritual lesson for the month ahead

I was guided to pull two cards for the month ahead for general spiritual guidance. We have 9 of Pentacles from the Thelema Tarot (also used for the Tarotscopes below) and the Lady Luna’s Magick card from the Oracle of the Dragonfae.

Generally speaking, both of these cards are Yin and quite introspective, while the 9 of Pentacles also carries a feeling of gratitude, abundance and generosity which fits well with the start of the harvest season.

Lady Luna’s Magick is a heads up to stay attuned to the lunar cycles and notice what is happening – especially around the time of the eclipse since the effect of that will last for the next six months.

Because of the many retrogrades, the focus for the month ahead is still very much on inner mental and psychic processes, or what some like to refer to as soul alchemy. The 9 of Pentacles reminds us that our physical body can be our greatest ally, as well as our biggest foe, as we strive to bring ourselves into harmony.

Find ways to align – mind, spirit and body. For some of us this may mean giving up a habit that is preventing us from being in harmony or at peace.

An attitude of gratitude will begin shifting stuck energy.

[bctt tweet=”True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing.  ~ Seneca” username=”LisaFrideborg”]

August Tarotscopes

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising Signs as well as your Sun Sign for what is on the cards for you in August.


August Tarotscopes Aries

Recent drama brings a need to refocus and centre your mental energy which has been all over the shop lately. What’s your meditation practice like? Now would be a good time to get serious about it! Don’t worry too much about anything else at the moment. The path ahead lies shrouded in mist for now. These mists will lift gradually during the month and clarity will dawn with the end of Mercury retrograde.  The important thing is for you to come home to yourSELF once more so that you can be your usual optimistic and inspiring self.


August Tarotscopes Taurus

You are more than ready to move on from recent difficulties. Some of them have been self-inflicted and you realise that you are ready to take responsibility as well as to start making better choices now. The Full Moon will be an important time for you in terms of releasing deep-rooted fears and anxieties. As you move forward from the past you have mixed feelings: optimism about the future mingles with a fear of repeating past mistakes. Trust that you have the power to create a completely new beginning for yourself with just that one choice to move away from whatever it was that held you back. (For some of you this relates to addiction.) Making one right choice will lead to more good choices which honour your true purpose and put you on track for fulfilling your mission. This is not an easy month as you will face fierce inner battles along the way but you will get there so hang in there!


August Tarotscopes Gemini

A loss is preventing you from truly enjoying yourself for a big portion of the month and you feel impatient as well as ever so slightly sorry for yourself. Try to stay with these feelings because the more you resist them, the longer they will last… (‘What we resist, persists’) Also, try to focus on nurturing a spirit of gratitude for what you do have rather than what is now missing from your life. Spend time in Nature, among the trees or by the ocean. Ask Spirit to guide you through the process of transformation that this loss brings. It doesn’t have to be the loss of a person or relationship. A situation could be ending as well. Acknowledge that you need time to process it all and try to be gentle and patient with yourself. This too shall pass…


August Tarotscopes Cancer

An epiphany of sorts will take place in August. At first you may experience some confusion but then, seemingly almost out of the blue, you will realise that a relationship or situation has come to an end and that things will never be the same. You will not hesitate to act on this realisation and you will be decisive about how you choose to move on, possibly shocking or upsetting some people along the way. However, you are not responsible for their reaction/feelings and you are doing the right thing in following your inner guidance on this. Leaving this situation behind is necessary for your soul’s growth and purpose.


August Tarotscopes Leo

A great month for self-improvement through study and working on refining your skills and talents, dear Leo. You are getting very clear on what you have to offer the world. The key to success now is to start networking with the right people as well as to hone your craft. While not much seems to happen on the surface, this is an ‘expect the unexpected’ sort of month with The Tower as the quint for your reading. However, there is nothing to fear. Whatever falls away when The Tower comes tumbling down had to go anyway and it can’t take with it your unique ability to shine your light in the world.


August Tarotscopes Virgo

This is clearly an important month to Virgo, with two Majors and one of them being your own Hermit (Virgo) Tarot card. The Empress corresponds with Venus. If you look at the top of the page you will see the 9 of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo) as our general guidance Tarot card for the month ahead. Pay extra close attention to the guidance for the two general cards to learn how to recharge your batteries in August. You have worked yourself into the ground recently and this has affected your creativity (The Empress). Did you listen to your body? No. Now you pay the piper until you have brought yourself back into harmony.


August Tarotscopes Libra

You have an important lesson about personal power coming up in August, sweet Libra. You have allowed another person to have a soul-crushing effect on you and while they may well be at fault, you must learn to take responsibility for just how much you let them transgress your personal boundaries. Part of this lesson could relate to father issues, so don’t hesitate to do a bit of digging into your past to find out if this is the case. The 2 of Wands is a reminder that if you want a partner who is a force to be reckoned with, you too have to be a force to be reckoned with… Or you will end up hooking up with another taker.


August Tarotscopes Scorpio

Your confidence levels are rising now that Jupiter is moving forward once again in your sign. You feel like you’re on a mission. If only you didn’t have to deal with pesky people who don’t share your vision! Maybe if you slow down you will be able to hear and take on board their view. Coming across as arrogant with a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude won’t get you nearly as far as letting people know how much you value their input – No need to let them know you value it just because they just validated your point – Just keep that vital bit of information to yourself and you will be able to stay on track with that totally fabulous project of yours! 😉


August Tarotscopes Sagittarius

You really just want to be able to enjoy the good life with your significant other or manifest the romantic relationship of your dreams if you are single… However, things won’t exactly go to plan quite yet (remember the retrogrades?!). Maybe, rather than sticking to your fixed ideal, try to flow with what is actually happening. Listen to your body and rest when you have to. There is no shame in asking others to lend a helping hand either. Going away or making really adventurous travel plans for the holidays may be more hassle than it’s worth this year. Find happiness closer to home and learn to appreciate the little things in life to not burn yourself out.


August Tarotscopes Capricorn

Some time off in the company of friends and family will do you a world of good. You are very well aware of the need to bring yourself into harmony and you treasure your home and family for being able to make this happen for you. Your home is your sanctuary. If you do travel, make sure it is to a place that feels like home away from home so that you can stay in harmony and continue the healing process you will find yourself in for much of August. You have some lovely moments of celebration in the company of your loved ones to look forward to… Enjoy!


August Tarotscopes Aquarius

A great big overhaul of your health and fitness regime would be helpful in terms of mental as well as physical fitness. Why not start early and set the intent to release at least one bad habit on the Aquarius Full Moon on 27 July? Believe in your ability to create lasting change and peace of mind. Work with a healing modality which focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection. Your health and sense of wellbeing will improve vastly during the month of August provided you take this advice on board. For some of you, this set of cards point to a need to move on from a work situation that is impacting your health negatively.


August Tarotscopes Pisces

If financial worries have been weighing you down, August could be the month when things finally start turning around. You still have to do your part to free yourself and set your affairs in order, of course, but a bit of extra income could give you that leg up you’ve been hoping for as well. For the most part, August is set to be an enjoyable month and a holiday in a familiar environment will see you fully recharged. Try to avoid the temptation to overeat though!


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