February Tarotscopes

February Tarotscopes

February Tarotscopes

Hello my friends, for the February Tarotscopes, I’m working with the funky Morgan Greer Tarot. It’s a RWS style deck that zooms in on the people in the cards. Getting up close can make it easier to put yourself in the shoes of the character in the card. I highly recommend using your imagination this rather than just reading my words for the February Tarotscopes.

The dynamic principle of fantasy is play, a characteristic also of the child, and as such it appears inconsistent with the principle of serious work. But without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable. It is therefore short-sighted to treat fantasy, on account of its risky or unacceptable nature, as a thing of little worth.
Carl Jung

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising Signs as well as your Sun Sign for the full picture!

February Tarotscopes

February Tarotscopes Aries

Aries Tarotscope

You may be tempted to carry on as if it is business as usual. However, this month carries with it an opportunity for growth and psychic development… IF you are willing to override the temptation to just focus on work and the temporal reality. Your dreams will be more intense than usual so pay attention to them. Set the intent to remember them on waking and record them as soon as possible after you wake so that you can return to them and contemplate their meaning. One of the themes for February with Strength is integration of Divine Feminine energy. Kindness is cool… You are all Fire is cool too. Centering this Fire in your heart makes it possible move forward with compassion for all living beings.

February Tarotscopes Taurus

Taurus Tarotscope

An opportunity disguised as loss is coming your way in February. By all means, go through all stages of grieving – It’s not an opportunity for spiritual bypass the cards reveal here, but rather the ability to expand your heart chakra with empathy through identifying more deeply with others how suffer a similar fate. This experience is likely to touch your heart so deeply that you may well come out the other side describing yourself as ‘reborn.’ This is also an experience which is likely to stimulate your creativity, which in turn can act as a blessing to others. But first you must accept and let go completely… Not easy for a Fixed Earth sign but you’ve got this!

February Tarotscopes Gemini

Gemini Tarotscope

There is a lot going on for you in February and you sometimes feel as if you hardly have time to come up for breath. You are inundated with messages, questions and requests. What you fail to see is that you have created this scenario because of your own reluctance to slow down and keep things simple. You thrive on complexity and dialogue – nothing wrong with that! BUT… There has to be boundaries in place as well. Learn to say ‘no’ without a need to justify. Then take some time out to just stop and stare… Be patient if boredom sets in. Persevere in silence. Your soul is waiting to catch up with you. Let. You’ll thank yourself for it.

February Tarotscopes Cancer

Cancer Tarotscope

Your waters run deep at the best of times and more so than ever in the ‘Month of Love.’ Beware of a need for balance and objectivity. The best way to achieve this is through committing to a daily meditation practice where you simply detach and observe your thoughts and feelings. Your mantra for February needs to be ‘I am not my feelings.’ You can only make fair and balanced decisions if you stay objective and it looks like you have a very important decision coming up this month so detach, detach, detach…

February Tarotscopes Leo

Leo Tarotscope

The Leo Full Moon eclipse has ensured that you are ready to level up/move on… but you haven’t made that all-important decision about next steps yet, so you find yourself stalling. The truth is, right now you can’t see the wood for all the trees – you need a fresh new perspective. The best way forward is to go against your own pride and ask for help. Who do you trust enough to mentor you through this? When we are too attached to a specific outcome, we are sometimes blind to what is right before our eyes and that is what is happening here. This situation should be resolved before the month is up, so don’t despair!

February Tarotscopes Virgo

Virgo Tarotscope 

Family matters are in focus for you this month. A situation has been developing for some time now and it has required you to be very patient. It involves a person who is very strong-willed and possibly relates to a mother-daughter or father-son situation. Look back over the past and take stock of how far you have come with this matter, then make the best possible decision for the Highest Good of All. The time to leave this all behind is coming up now. Forgiveness may be needed and even if it is not asked for or offered in return, you will still be able to draw a line under the past before the month is up.

February Tarotscopes Libra

Libra Tarotscope

You are trying to make your mind up about a situation which demands a creative (and slightly messy) solution. A timid and purely intellectual approach will not help you move forward. You need to learn to be OK with chaos for a while until things begin to crystallise. This situation demands a leap of faith in your own creative drive and desire. Trust it even though you can’t see the path clearly in front of you. It is your own confidence in what you are about create/give birth to here that will help you achieve the results you want. When you believe in yourself, others will flock to your idea/project.

February Tarotscopes Scorpio

Scorpio Tarotscope

You know what you want and you are prepared to fight for it but you need to make sure you are completely grounded in reality. Breaking the law in any way will get you in trouble and that would take energy away from what you wish to achieve. In other words, pick your fights wisely! The Queen of Pentacles is also an indication that so much of your energy is funnelled into your pet project now that you are neglecting certain aspects of self-care. Be honest about this so that you can bring anything that is out of whack (sleeping enough?) back into harmony.

February Tarotscopes Sagittarius

Sagittarius Tarotscope

You don’t take kindly to feeling limited or restrained in any way, yet this is the reality you are facing now. There is no point in burying your head in the sand about the finances involved here. Get your bank statements and bills out and budget accordingly. Tightening your belt for a while is will pay off and you will soon be back to your normal, carefree self. Once you have put a payment plan into place, you can start planning for future escapes and treats that will cheer you up. You will feel a huge weight lifted once you have the situation under control and you will be wiser for realising that discipline sometimes leads to increased freedom.

February Tarotscopes Capricorn

Capricorn Tarotscope

Two Knights that would see you go questing… and in the middle the card of family. Your obligations keep you put. There is tension between your desire to be on the move/seek an adventure and your responsibilities/obligations. Normally, this isn’t a problem for a Capricorn. You are used to just getting on with it, putting your own needs and desires to one side. However, that is not going to be entirely easy in February. Make sure you find viable outlets for excess/restless energy and also that you have a pillow at hand if you need to scream. The time may not be right and the reason (besides your obligations) could be that you don’t really have a plan or map for your quest (let’s be honest!).

February Tarotscopes Aquarius

Aquarius Tarotscope

Relationship happiness is the theme of February for you – Apt for the ‘Month of Love!’ Are you happy with your current relationship status? If you are, carry on as you were. If not, the Page of Pentacles is a clue that you might benefit from looking at past relationship patterns, especially with regards to boundary issues. Be honest about how realistic your past expectations of lovers have been and if you have given as much to the relationship as you expected them to give. The Page of Pentacles is also a sign that signing up for a course or attending a workshop might be a really good way of meeting someone new.

February Tarotscopes Pisces

Pisces Tarotscope

You know what’s really cool in love? When your lover is also your best friend. Some of the resentment or hopelessness around love for you is tied in with your expectation to merge so completely with your lover that you are of one mind, as well as one heart… but where is the growth in that? This month brings a big love and relationship lesson for you and the best way to navigate it is to walk away from any drama rather than trying to make the other person feel what you feel… and no, they will NEVER be able to read your mind either. So speak plainly, draw up boundaries and vow to start treating your lover as you would a best friend (which usually means toning down your expectations x 1,000).