pick a card angel tarot free week ahead forecast

FREE Angelic Tarot Forecast

pick a card angel tarot free week ahead forecast

Happy Friday, my loves! New Moon Blessings to all! )O(

If you are reading this, please know that you are included in my thoughts and prayers. My reason for being here in this incarnation is to help you grow, thrive and prosper by fully embodying your spirit so that you can shine your light fully in the world.

Lately, there has been many empowering divine messages coming through from many different sources to help us all collectively move forward and transcend the paradigm of division imposed on us by patriarchy which is the preferred construct by the Father of Lies.

Mother energies are waxing as more and more of us open up to channel them. I feel so blessed to be alive and awake at this time. It’s exciting to see how much progress we are making both as individuals and collectively.

For the week ahead message today, you can either tune in and choose intuitively by using your breath to relax, ground and centre before you make your selection. Or you can say a prayer, hop on over to www.random.org and have the Universe choose for you. As per last week’s experiment and the feedback I received, I feel confident that both methods work just fine!

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For this week’s reading I’m working with the Frideborg Tarot and the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle.

free week ahead angelic tarot forecast reveal

You chose card combo number 1. This week brings wonderful opportunities in terms healing your bloodline. Whatever has been going on stops with you. How? By you setting the intent and forgiving everyone. Not only forgiving but blessing all your ancestors and all future generations. You are who you are because of them. If you want to spend a few final moments blaming your parents (or whoever) then do so ‘elegantly’ as Tony Robbins puts it. Blame them for making you so strong and resilient. Blame them for forcing you to learn about how to love yourself the hard way. Blame them for learning how to get back up time and time again. Then phone them up (those that are still here) and tell them how much you love them. YOU have the power to heal your bloodline. You have the POWER to set yourself free. You can be completely FREE right now! (Family + The Fool)

You chose card combo number 2. Watch out for signs regarding your work this week. Synchronicity is speeding up. This week calls for you to have a clear head so that you are able to make logical sense of the mysterious signs that appear. Take a scientific approach by writing them down, as and when they occur and ask Spirit for more input if needed. Talk with your spirit guides out loud. Expect answers and stay vigilant. Some of the answers may come in dreamtime so make a point of perfecting dream recall in the week ahead too. You will not have to make a single choice while doubting the best way forward, provided you take this advice on board. You have not been left here on earth to fend for yourself. You have a whole team of spirit guides and a whole host of angels at your disposal. Work with them! (Signs + Queen of Swords)

You chose card combo number 3. You need clarity about your best way forward for staying healthy and feeling well in yourself. You have been stuck in a rut and keep making choices that you know are not great for you. At the heart of all this we find a lack of self-love, so the remedy – the REAL remedy – is not to find the perfect diet, holistic therapy or exercise program. The real remedy lies in loving yourself better and learning to listen to your body, so that you can begin to make the most loving choices possible for your own wellbeing. If your energy levels are fluctuating wildly and you often find that you suffer from ‘brain fog’ event though there is nothing else wrong with you, please understand that this is a strong sign that the choices you are currently making are WAY out of whack. To be perfectly healthy means balanced energy and clarity of mind. Why settle for less? Come on, let’s all say it together… ‘We’re worth it!’ (Health + 7 of Cups)


So much love!


Lisa Frideborg

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