Good Friday Free Tarot and Angel Card Reading

Free Good Friday Reading

It is the most holy of holy days in the Christian calendar – Good Friday. I almost took the day off from blogging… Not because I wanted to but out of respect for the mystery of the God-Man Jesus offering up his life for the benefit of all souls, descending to the realm of departed to release souls from sheol.

However, I was given green light from the Angelic realm to do a angel-based reading for the week starting 16 April, so that is what is happening today. Rather than using a number, I want you to choose a message from either Archangel Raphael (left), Michael (middle) or Gabriel (right). If you feel you can’t choose, I suggest doing a random draw HERE and let the angels choose for you. With each Angel card comes a theme card for the week ahead from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

Good Friday Free Tarot and Angel Card ReadingScroll down for the reveal…

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The Reveal

Free Reading Good Friday Tarot and Angel Cards Reveal

You chose a message from Archangel Raphael: During this time of awakening to who you are and the true nature of calling, it is extra important for you to look after yourself. You are in the process of releasing any heaviness, looping negative thoughts, trauma and drama that is still affecting you and your ability to serve God. Be patient with yourself in the week ahead and drink plenty of water. Ask God to bless the water before you drink it and then drink it mindfully, visualise any darkness leaving your body. Remember the truth: you have already been set free – you just need to accept this and give thanks for the gift so freely given by Christ. You are not in the process of cleansing yourself since this was done for you and is an act of grace; You are in the process of clearing anything that clouds your awareness of the fact that you are free, at peace and at one with God. The week ahead is one of deep metanoia (change of mind, often wrongly translated as ‘repentance’ in the Bible) for you, blessed child of God.

You chose a message from Archangel Michael: Your relationship with money and abundance takes centre stage in the week ahead. You need to start being honest with yourself about how your own perception of money is blocking the path to abundance. You can change your mind and choose to see money as just another means of helping people and thus something innately good or you can continue to be a slave to the laws and rules of others who have programmed you to think that money itself is evil; It is the LOVE of money that is the root of evil, in the same way that anything that pulls you away from God’s will is evil (like eating/drinking too much or frittering your evenings away in front of the telly). When money becomes a non-issue, other than as a means for doing good, you are free. There is also a message for those of you who are thinking of going self-employed or who are doubting your ability to earn a living through self-employment: You are responsible for learning how the money-side of things works and if you are willing to assume this responsibility, you can totally earn a living doing what you live as a solopreneur or as your own boss. It is safe for you  to earn a living doing what you love.

You chose a message from Archangel Gabriel: You face some important decisions in the week ahead. Please don’t stress or worry that you can’t see the way forward now. Instead focus on praying for guidance and spending time in meditation to clear your mind so that you can begin receiving messages from your Guardian Angel and Holy Spirit. Keeping a dream journal will help too as you are likely to receive messages that you are blocked from receiving during the day in dreamtime. The most important thing for you to bear in mind is that the decision(s) you make this make must bring balance between and align heart and mind. You need to both feel and know/think that the choice you are making is the right one and it is OK for this process to take time, especially if you are at a place in your life where your soul needs to catch up with your mind and body. You are safe and loved in this process.


Good Friday Blessings

Lisa Frideborg