Amethyst Runes and Frideborg Tarot for Free Reading Friday

Free Reading Friday

Amethyst Runes and Frideborg Tarot for Free Reading Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Today’s Free Reading for the week ahead is with the Frideborg Tarot and the Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray. I am also working with the runes for a more in-depth messages. Take a deep breath in, breathe out and relax… Repeat again… and one final time. Ask your Guardian Angel to guide you to the number with the right message for you for guidance about the week ahead. 

Before you take a look at your personal message, we have a universal message of love from the Angelic Realm and Archangel Raziel. You will have an opportunity to take giant leaps forward in terms of developing your spiritual gifts this week. These are exciting times. Make prayer and meditation your priority. Begin and end each day by hooking up. Be gentle with yourself as adjusting to being a channel for these divine gifts will mean relating differently to people and the environment around you. You may notice that some dietary changes will be needed too. Always trust your inner guidance with regards to these changes.

Spiritual Gifts Archangel Raziel Angel Prayers Kyle Gray

For instance, if clairaudience is one of your primary clairs, you may feel a need to protect yourself from harsh noises and dissonant music. Clairsentients among us may need more alone-time as crowds of people will have a more draining effect than usual until you adapt to new levels of heightened sensitivity etc. Call on Archangel Raziel for help with developing and manifesting your gifts. Raziel is the Archangel who oversees divine magic. He is known for handing the magical Book of Secrets (Sefer Raziel) to Adam and Even after their expulsion from Paradise.

The Free Reading Friday Reveal

Frideborg Tarot Free Reading Friday Reveal

You chose the first rune and Tarot card combo – Algiz + Page of Wands: Your connection with the divine is very strong right now but you are still learning to handle this much power coming through you so keep grounding and shielding. You will find that you will have several interactions with others in the week ahead where you act as a catalyst for them or vice versa. Remember, everyone you meet is both a student and a teacher. Pace yourself and make sure you don’t overreach. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Blessed be!

You chose the second rune and Tarot card combo – Ehwaz + Queen of Swords: You are making steady progress because you are mature enough to not overreach. If anything you may still be too much ‘in the head’ to be quite confident in trusting your own inner guidance. It may be easier for you to receive messages from Spirit in dreamtime. If this thought appeals to you, set the intent to receive guidance from Heaven (and perhaps ask a question you need an answer to) before falling asleep. Keep a dream journal by your bed to make notes for any messages you receive. Dream recall tip: The trick is to not get up straight away but to re-watch your dreams in your mind’s eye in as much detail as you can muster while lying still in bed, before you record your dream(s).

You chose the third rune and Tarot combo – Fehu + The Devil: Don’t let fear hold you back now. It will be easy for you to let your newfound spiritual insights and confidence in your gifts to start slipping because there will be many material demands on you in the week ahead. Money matters are in focus. Remember to see money as nothing but neutral energy, used in exchange… Intent is everything! Unless you faithfully pray and meditate throughout the day (yes, every day) in the week ahead, you could succumb to doubts like ‘Who am I to think I have any special gifts?,’ ‘What’s the point? I won’t be able to make any difference.’ and ‘If I change too much, the cost will be too high – my life would have to change too radically!’ Be kind to yourself if/when thoughts of this nature crop up. Know that they are not from your Higher Self and simply watch them drift off. Give thanks for God’s continued guidance and protection and keep walking your Path!


Love and Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg