free reading friday secret language of color cards

Free Reading Friday

free reading friday secret language of color cards

Over the past few weeks, I have been releasing blocks to working with my spirit guides and using my psychic clairs. While doing this work through Angel Therapy and EFT, I noticed I was getting increasingly more sensitive to colour. I often experience angels as colour rather than as beings with wings and I was nudged by my guides to get a deck that would suit this way of communicating with the angelic realm. The morning after I had received this guidance, a deck called the Secret Language of Color Cards showed up in my feed. Needless to say, I didn’t hesitate to get this deck for myself and it was love at first sight.

Having blocks to doing psychic work is very common and something I plan on covering in-depth in a future article, to follow up on the article I wrote on Wednesday about how to use your clairs to boost your Tarot readings. In my case, the blocks were a combination of past life stuff, family trauma and being told that anything psychic was satanic by the church in this life-time. Even though the latter was something I had discarded as false, there were still little fears and niggles that were hiding but that came out with tapping (EFT) and some of those also turned out to be related to past lives. I feel freer and clearer than ever thanks to doing this work and the chakra healing work we have been doing as a group challenge in the 3 of Cups Tarot Community throughout the month of April.

For your week ahead guidance, I want you to take a few deep, relaxing breaths, breathing in through the mouth and releasing any tension on the outbreath. When you feel calm, look at the cards above and choose the number you feel most drawn to for your free week ahead message from the angelic realm before you scroll down for the reveal.

I’m adding the photo I took of the fanned Secret Language of Color cards as a ‘filler’ to prevent anyone from peeking at the reveal 🙂 You can click on the picture to buy this deck if you live in the UK.

Secret Language of Color Cards

…and here is the reveal…

secret language of color cards free reading reveal

You chose card number 1. This is a message from Archangel Michael about managing your energy body better and really getting a feel for how it is connected with your physical body. You are becoming increasingly more sensitive to outside energies and influences as you attune to your Higher Self and your divine calling. Archangel Michael also asks you to be honest about how some of the things you are doing to your temple (the body) is harming you and causing a drain on your energy levels. Look at what you are currently eating and ask your angels to guide you about any eating habits you need to drop.

If you are aware of an addiction to alcohol, sugar, caffeine, dairy or gluten that you have struggled with for some time, Archangel Michael wants you to know that he is ready to help you cut the cords to those addictions. The same goes for any drama or toxic relationships. Now is the time to cut those cords. If these addictions are harmful and seriously affecting your quality of life or your relationships, you should seek professional help. In addition to any outside help you may choose to seek for your addiction problems, the angels can also help. Simply call on Archangel Michael in meditation and visualise him with his sword of light and truth. Visualise an altar in front of you where you place items that symbolise your addiction(s). Then visualise Archangel Michael cutting the cords to those items. Ask Archangel Raphael to help with the recovery and healing.  You can also invoke the assistance of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ if you are on a Christocentric Path.

Drink plenty of water after your meditation and don’t be surprised if you feel tired for a day or two after – It is completely normal. Remember to replenish your energy through prayer and meditation on a regular daily basis. You may also want to consider shielding energetically at the start of each day, to filter out unwanted energy (i.e. anything other than pure love).

You chose card number 2. This beautiful purple card is a message from Archangel Jeremiel. You are in need of mental clarity but are allowing your past to keep pulling you back in and the muddled emotions associated with past pain and shame are keeping you trapped and confused.

Call on archangel Jeremiel of for help with understanding the lesson clearly and for moving forward with an understanding of what you were meant to learn but none of the pain.

This is really about your ego playing tricks on you to keep you from moving forward on your Path of Divine Calling. You are moving rapidly toward the Light and a life completely devoted to serving the Light and the ego isn’t digging it so it’s using what it can. In your case it’s your connection to people from your past because you are a deeply caring person.

This is a not a message to develop a cold heart and stop caring – It’s a message to bless those who were part of your past with gratitude for the lessons they brought… and yes, you can keep sending them love… but the pain associated with relationship(s) can be released now. You can take your energy back. It’s safe to do so and to move forward with grace. Release any guilt and shame now and ask the angels of the purple ray to transmute it by the mercy of God.

You chose card number 3. This message from Archangel Gabriel is very practical. You are called to be a forerunner among the forces in service to the Light. As without, so within. Strengthen your body through regular daily exercise. The discipline needed for this will also help you stay on target mentally for your Life Purpose.

Think about what new, FUN (yes it has to be fun!) type of exercise you can take up on a regular basis starting in the month of May. Ask your angels to guide you, make a schedule and stick to it.

I’m told that some of you who get this card have a ton of excuses for why you can’t exercise. The angels are calling your bluff now because even if you can only sit and lift 1 kg weights, you can sit and lift 1 kg weights. Any little thing you can do is better than nothing. Also, you can make it fun by putting on your favourite tunes.


Love and Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg