angelic tarot week ahead forecast pick a card

Interactive Angelic Tarot Week Ahead Forecast

angelic tarot week ahead forecast pick a card

My sister sent me a PM on Facebook asking if I am celebrating Midsummer this year over in the UK. Midsummer is a big deal in Sweden and falls on the weekend directly after the summer solstice. It makes sense that a country that is so deprived of the light for much of the year turns the summer solstice into a proper feast.  

To be perfectly honest, even had there been a local Midsummer celebration to attend, I doubt that I would be up for it. The Dark Moon days have had a seriously introspective focus for me… I’m releasing so much right now that even the thought of celebrating the New Moon esbat is sending me into overwhelm. It will be sacred time but it will also be hermit time and I will be engaging in playful creativity as well as doing both of the Tarot Spreads I created for tonight.

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For me, the flow entails being  a channel for divine messages. I did a New Moon Misfit Message which talks about the creative energy coming through tonight’s New Moon portal (Holy Shift!) and how each of us can expect to be pregnant with new creative projects shortly. You can click on the image below to open the Misfit Message in a new window if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

OK, so now it’s time to choose your week ahead message from the cards above… Take a moment to relax, ground and centre. Allow your intuition to guide you to the card for the week ahead message. OR… if you prefer… you can let the digital randomiser over on choose for you.

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For today’s week ahead forecasts I’m working with the Thelema Tarot (Amazon UK link). The card you have chosen ties in with an influx of creative energy and a new project you will feel guided to begin. I’m being told that some of you have already received guidance about this project but you have chosen to procrastinate and heed the voice of the ego over the voice of your inner guidance… It is time to move forward now, releasing the chatter of the ego and the need to be in control, so that you can place yourself in a state of creative flow.

For each of you, the messages below will show you how to make yourself available to your inner guidance and align fully with your soul’s calling in the week ahead…

angelic tarot week ahead messages thelema tarot reveal

You chose card number 1 – 4 of Swords: What you need to do more of in the week ahead is seek out peace and stillness within in meditation, so that you can begin to connect more deeply with your inner guidance. If you are not sure how to begin, simply focus on your breath and the sensation of the air flowing through your nostrils, cooler and drier on the way in – warmer and moister on the way out… Do this for five minutes a day, twice daily. There are also plenty of guided meditations available free on YouTube and Spotify. You need to go within because your focus has been too much on what others are already doing. You need to stop comparing your ideas with what’s already out there and trust your inner guidance more.

You chose card number 2 – Page of Wands: What you need to do more this week is to simply play. While this sounds almost too simple and easy, it actually requires you to become more organised and set aside some time in your busy schedule because you will need at least half an hour of uninterrupted play where you allow yourself to create for the joy of creating without any sort of agenda. What is meant to come through will find its way through but more importantly, this will spark your imagination and creativity so that you become unafraid of bringing in new energy – a prerequisite for full alignment with your soul’s calling which is very much about bringing something completely new to the world. You already have an idea… now is the time to start acting on it!

You chose card number 3 – 3 of Swords: The focus for you this week is about acknowledging long suppressed emotions of loss, grief, guilt and shame. This is happening not only for your personal release and healing but because you are meant to use what comes in the next few days. How? By giving your feelings creative expression… perhaps event the whole process of release. You are giving birth with great agony but your ‘baby’ will be all the more precious for it. And please remember that you are not alone. You have a host of angels attending you as you move ahead with this sacred work. You could say that you are birthing an Angel of Healing, so badly needed in a world filled with pain and confusion.

For all of us I’m being told that the importance lies in beginning the process. We don’t need to see the goal or final destination clearly yet. We simply need to make ourselves available. Furthermore I’m guided to make this reading even more interactive by asking each of you to pull a Major Arcana to read together with the message above for the full spiritual lesson you are navigating now.

Please share your Major Arcana message in the comments below. If you do not own a Tarot deck or do not understand how the week ahead message fits with your card, feel free to ask for help in the comments below.


New Moon Blessings…

and so much love!

Lisa Frideborg