July Tarotscopes

July Tarotscopes

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July Tarotscopes

So… You may have noticed that there haven’t been any Tarotscopes since I posted the May Tarotscopes. I got busy with other things and it simply slipped my mind to post any Tarotscopes for June. I apologise for this. I have been made aware that enough of you find them useful for it to hopefully not slip my mind again. 

Important dates in July

Today, 26 June, Mars is going retrograde. This influence will last all of July and well into August, with Mars not going direct until 27 August. I posted a Mars Rx Tarot spread a couple of years ago which you may find useful for navigating this current.

As if the Mars retrograde is not enough, we also have Mercury going retrograde coming in toward the end of the month, on the 25th. This means Mars and Mercury are joining the four outer Planets that are already retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. In other words, a general slowing down is indicated this summer, with more of a focus on what is happening in the psyche. This is worth  bearing in mind when reading the July tarotscopes for your individual Sun, Moon and Rising signs below.

International Tarot Day is happening on the 8th.

The Dark/New Moon in Cancer is on the 13th and the Full Moon in Aquarius is on the 27th.

General theme / spiritual lesson for the month ahead

The Fairy card from the Seelentrösterchen oracle shows up to provide hope for the month ahead. When we redirect our focus on inner processes, we have an opportunity to become very clear about what we wish to manifest and to align with our True Self in order to make it possible.

It is time to sort the false dreams and illusions from that which truly inspires and motivates us to move forward. Anything that is not 100% authentic can be released from your life now. For some of us, this process will no doubt lead to big life-changing decisions. The thing to remember about times when we find ourselves at a fork in the road is that we are never alone. Call in the guidance and support of Spirit and spend more time communicating with your guides, spirit animals and angels.

July Tarotscopes

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising Signs as well as your Sun Sign for what is on the cards for you in July. For the July Tarotscopes, we are working with the Morgan-Greer Tarot.


Aries July Tarotscopes

You have decided that your own happiness is more important than trying to fake happiness with someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate or get you. Divine restlessness has set in and it is time to move on. For now, you don’t have any plan other than to find happiness again. Trusting your inner guidance on this will steer you right. Take each day as it comes.


Taurus July Tarotscopes

You’re in break-up mode but you are finding it very difficult to let go because this is a situation/relationship that has been in your life for so long – perhaps even harking back to a past life. It’s time to weigh up the pros and cons carefully so that you can reach a balanced decision and decide what to salvage (if anything). Meditating with the Queen of Swords may be helpful.


Gemini July Tarotscopes

This is a month of deep emotional transformation and renewal for Gemini natives. Those of you who are contemplating diving deeper into psychic development will be able to grow by leaps and bounds. Your dreams will be livelier and more fully of important messages than usual. Keep a dream journal! Remember that people get spooked if you seem to be able to read their minds so learn to observe with your mouth shut!


Cancer July Tarotscopes

July is your month, dear Cancer! This is the time to set plans into motion and act on those fabulous ideas you have been mulling over. Success will be yours. Stay confident and keep adapting your plan if need be. This is a good time to seek help from a qualified health professional for any health condition that may have been affecting you. The right type of therapy to help you return to full help is likely to be made available to you. Your vitality levels are going up. A holiday in the sun may also be on the cards.


Leo July Tarotscopes

A situation that you thought you had left behind is coming back to haunt you during this retrograde phase. Conflict cannot be avoided so centre yourself and vow to deal with it as fairly as possible. Try your best to create a win-win situation. If the other person won’t help with that, at least you can give yourself closure knowing that you did your best. It is important to simply cut all cords and walk away from any situation involving people who aren’t interested in healing the situation once you have done all you could.


Virgo July Tarotscopes

The Pluto/Scorpio Death card that visited you in May is coming back to help with transformation in the form of heart healing. This time it concerns family matters and healing of your bloodline, including healing of relationships with family members who have crossed over. Hold everyone in prayer and forgive everyone, including yourself if need be. Important anniversaries and death dates can serve as reminders to heal what remains unresolved.


Libra July Tarotscopes

Just daydreaming about it can be tempting. Actually, if you really really want a (happy) relationship, you’re going to have to do something about it in July. For singles, this is a great time to join an online dating site and take a chance in love. For coupled Libra natives, add a bit of that famous Libra sparkle, beauty and glamour to your love life rather than waiting passively for the other person to be the one to step up to the plate. You do have to step outside if you want to enjoy good company!


Scorpio July Tarotscopes

Just say no to co-dependent relationships. Emotional freedom is an inside job. Pain has become your comfort zone. It’s not that what happened was your fault but it is time to move on. It’s time to use your imagination to visualise something different and rewrite that tired old script. Thankfully, the pain of remaining the same is finally becoming greater than the fear of the unknown. Use the momentum well and free yourself!


Sagittarius July Tarotscopes

You’re unstoppable this month. Any creative projects will succeed in July and you’re feeling confident about your ability to complete what you have started. A great time to ask for raise. The people you work for know your worth and a promotion could also be on the cards. Beware of a tendency to be insensitive to the needs of others in love. You are being generous with your lover but are you giving them what they want or what you would want to receive?


Capricorn July Tarotscopes

Do not make any important decisions until you have all the facts on the table. Keep asking questions until every aspect of your decision makes sense. Then you will be ready to weigh in with your heart and make the most compassionate decision possible. Your decision is one that will help you move forward on the path of your spiritual calling. You will know it is the right decision when you feel your energy expand at the thought of how your future might unfold if you go down that path.


Aquarius July Tarotscopes

Are you thinking about moving house? This month looks like a good time to start looking. Focus on exactly what you wish to manifest and put all your energy into making it happen. Even in spite of all the retrogrades, the process of manifestation should be fairly quick for you now.  If a house move is definitely not on the cards for you, the suggestion is to open your home up and invite some people over for a celebration of some kind. Be generous with yourself and your space.


Pisces July Tarotscopes

New love with someone you have oodles of chemistry is on the cards for you! Romantic messages are shooting back and forth and making desire grow. It could be a fling or holiday romance that doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere but that helps make life that much more enjoyable in the moment. For those of you who are coupled and not looking, the cards speak of a renewed lust for life in general which comes from you being in alignment with the desires of your True Self. Enjoy!


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