March Tarotscopes

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March Tarotscopes

Hello, my friends! For the March Tarotscopes we are working with Morgan Greer Tarot. I’m also pulling an Alchemy stone for each of the Zodiac signs.

The Empress shows up as the general theme for the Month of March. She is the ruler of the domain of love and beauty. She instils a love for Nature in her children and helps bring out the quality of nurturing in all of us. This happens to be the Major Arcana card which I connect with Ostara, the Spring Equinox. This year, the equinox takes place on Tuesday 20 March at 16.15 GMT.

Don’t forget to check your Moon and Rising Signs as well as your Sun Sign for the full picture!

March Tarotscopes

Aries Tarotscope

Aries March Tarotscopes

You are being the gift of starting afresh this month but it won’t come without a bit of work on your part. The breakthrough can only happen if you are willing to admit to a negative pattern that has been causing a drain on your energy. This is a pattern that has killed your enthusiasm and creative mojo lately. It could be a bad daily habit or something deeper and more chronic. The good news is that it will be easy to detect – You probably already know what it is… but you will have to take responsibility for breaking it. Ostara sees you revitalised, energised and all 8 cylinders back up and running if you are willing to fight the good fight!

Taurus Tarotscope

Taurus March Tarotscopes

This looks like a lucky month for you, especially with regards to work/carrier/finances. Those of you who are looking for work this month are likely to land the job by virtue of both your natural charm and skill levels. The competition will be no match for you. It’s a month of expansion and possibly a bit of extra cash to splash. You will want to work hard and play hard as well. If you have been feeling a bit lethargic or low energy in general, you can expect to feel better soon. Spending as much time as possible outdoors will help you recharge your batteries.

Gemini Tarotscope

Gemini March Tarotscopes

What has been out of harmony will be brought into harmony this month. Your natural optimism will team with your sharp intellect to achieve this. Where there has been tension caused by duality, you will now be able to release this tension. It doesn’t mean the duality is gone; it means you will start enjoying it as something you can play with… And to be perfectly honest, this is how you operate at your best as a Gemini. Romantic reunions are possible this month and if this is on the cards for you, you can expect things to be smoother this time around.

Cancer Tarotscope

Cancer March Tarotscopes

Time for a change of direction! You are spending a lot of energy keeping yourself down. The reason you are so tired now is because you are resisting the voice of your Self. Reconsider your goals and align yourself with your calling. You have been more yang than usual lately – time to honour the Water Element of your Sign and become more receptive. The key to moving forward in full alignment lies in becoming more receptive to your imagination and the voice of your heart. Don’t mind the people who tell you that dreamers never achieve anything. Dream on, dream big and TRUST that once you are clear about where your Spirit is guiding you next, you will know how to use your skills and energy more effectively.

Leo Tarotscope

Leo March Tarotscopes

Focus on making your surroundings more beautiful this month. Explore new ways to bring beauty and harmony into your life and external environment. You have a sense of restlessness now as the sap start rising but you lack direction. Be patient with yourself. As you begin to honour intuitive and creative nudges, things will gradually become clear. The recipe looks like this for March: ‘As without, so within,’ i.e. decluttering your environment and getting more organised in general will bring clarity about deeper underlying issues. Any relationship confusion can be cleared this month but it will require patience and a willingness to accept that you may have deluding yourself a bit about the nature of the relationship or the intentions of the other… or maybe even about your own intentions.

Virgo Tarotscope 

Virgo March Tarotscopes

Be careful because things aren’t always as they seem this month. Be specially careful about being reactive to messages you receive or things you read about. Fact check everything, especially anything that threatens to feel you ill at ease or unhappy, or anything that seems ‘too good to be true.’ You are emerging from a time of darkness and moving toward happier times, so be gentle with yourself as your new destiny begins to unfold. Give yourself time to get your bearings. You are sensitive and more easily influenced than usual this month so keep your boundaries with others sound and safe.

Libra Tarotscope

Libra March Tarotscopes

Family matters may prove to be a bit of a mind fuck this month. Don’t worry though, you’ve got this! To avoid confusion and miscommunication you need to make sure you come a place of being centred, grounded and standing firm in your own authority. This may require you to step back from any arguments and ask for a time out. Make sure the other person/people involved understand that this is not about conflict avoidance but about needing to sort your own thoughts out before you continue toward a resolution. This will also be beneficial in terms of giving heated emotions a chance to cool down.

Scorpio Tarotscope

Scorpio March Tarotscopes

You may long to feel footloose and fancy-free in March but there are emotional ties and obligations that you need to honour. The resolution doesn’t lie in running away from it all but to face the emotions that are upsetting to you head on. Feelings of regret could threaten to consume you but the more you resist them, the more they resist and if you do a runner, they will just show up in another form. Same lesson, different form doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? If you do not feel you have the inner resources or support from friends and family that you need, the King of Cups could represent a counselor or spiritual mentor that you can turn to for advice.

Sagittarius Tarotscope

Sagittarius March Horoscopes

The artist in you is calling out to for attention. How can you nurture your creative and artistic ability in March? How is making the world a more beautiful place part of your soul’s calling? You may have to make some important choices to make room for creativity in order to be fully aligned with your life purpose. Don’t give up your day job – We all need to have a way of paying our bills… But maybe you could enroll in an evening class and begin perfecting a skill that can lead to a future career change that sees you better aligned with your spiritual calling… Or maybe just need to buckle down and meet that daily word quote instead of browsing social media/watching Netflix?

Capricorn Tarotscope

Capricorn Tarotscopes

Your frozen heart is starting to melt. Whatever you were in emotional lockdown over is being cleared this month but it obviously won’t happen all by itself. The advice is: Apply heat. Be active in the creation of your own joy. Recall the things that give you a lust for life and do them, being careful to not overdo them. Also, do them with love and respect for your Self or not all. Mindful, moderate enjoyment in daily doses will slowly make the hurt and pain go away. You have strong protection around you and you’ve got this

Aquarius Tarotscope

Aquarius March Tarotscopes

Opportunities are coming your way in March and you are called to take a risk. The best way to know if you are making the right choices, in case you start feeling filled with doubt is twofold: emotional resonance AND practical viability. You will be called on to make at least one potentially life-changing decision this month. Keep your eyes peeled on new opportunities that seem a bit out there and bizarre to the general public. This opportunity is coming your way because it is most likely too ‘avant garde’ to your average non-Aquarian Joe. BUT… you still need to make sure it is practically possible. See a financial advisor if you have any misgivings. Two heads are better than one in this case.

Pisces Tarotscope

Pisces March Tarotscopes

Repressing anger is just going to make it take longer for it to go away. Find a positive outlet for any feelings of irritation, anger and even rage (yes, that’s a legit emotion too!). Meditation may work for some of you and others will find that physical exercises is what the doctor ordered. You may feel overlooked and as if fellow co-workers are getting recognised unfairly or even taking credit for work you have done. It’s a chance for you to stand your ground and learn to speak up for yourself. You have nothing to lose by doing so. Be brave!


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  1. Thank you. I like my Gemini rising sign tarotscope better than my Libra sun. lol. I became involved with a Capricorn sun/Gemini rising/Pisces moon and he kind of flaked out on me in February just when things were starting to go strong. I hope his “frozen” heart does start to melt. 🙂

    1. Post

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment, Tara. I’m Capricorn Sun/Gemini Rising and Pisces Moon… and I never met anyone else with the same constellation 🙂 I hope you have a fab March x

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