October 2018 Tarotscopes

October 2018 Tarotscopes

October 2018 Tarotscopes

Oh my, what an incredibly powerful Aries Full Moon we had yesterday! I am still feeling the Aries Moon embers glowing in my heart and though the Moon is now waning, it feels like a good time for new beginnings. The cards above that give is general spiritual guidance seem to agree as we have the Ace of Wands as the central card. 

October is very much a month to keep nurturing our creative inspiration and chipping away at the work day by day, patiently with our long-term goal in mind, trusting our inner guidance every step of the way.

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Important astro calendar dates in October

  • Pluto goes direct – 1 October
  • New Moon in Libra – 9 October
  • Sun enters Scorpio – 23 October
  • Full Moon in Taurus – 24 October
  • Venus Rx enters Libra – 31 October

For this month’s Tarotscopes, we are working with the Borderless Smith Waite Tarot


October 2018 Tarotscopes

Check your Moon and Rising Signs as well as your Sun Sign for a complete picture of what is on the cards for you in October.

Aries Tarotscope

Aries October Tarotscope

Arguments with siblings or other close family members could crop up this month and it’s mainly to do with the upcoming Venus retrograde, so read up and prepare accordingly.

Mother issues could also crop up in your relationships – again relating to the Venus Rx. Relationships and communication are in focus for most of the month. Develop the fine art of listening and you will have more success. Angrily letting people around you know what’s what is just going to create more entrenched points of view.

Affirmation: I use my words to nurture my relationships.

Taurus Tarotscope

Taurus October Tarotscope

Relationships are very much a theme for you this months and you may encounter someone who has a powerfully inspirational effect on you. It may be the beginning of a new romance, or it could be that they have come into your life to help you develop higher levels of emotional freedom, as well as a sense of adventure.

Though you may not always see eye to eye with someone close to you in October, focusing on the warmth in the relationship and how you can both help each other will keep your heart open. This brings more options in love for the future as well, especially if you have yet to meet ‘the One.’


Affirmation: Everyone is my teacher and I embrace a visionary way of relating.

Gemini Tarotscope

Gemini October Tarotscope

Keep pen and paper (or a voice recorder) handy because you will be gifted with an absolutely brilliant idea in October and you are meant to act on it – Not ‘some day’ but right away! Brainstorm on paper until you have a clear focus and action plan for how to make this happen.

You are advice to keep your cards close to your chest until this idea has been made manifest. Others will greedily want a piece of the pie and won’t hesitate to borrow your idea, turning it into a money-making scheme for themselves.

Affirmation: I act on my inspiration and keep my cards close to my chest.

Cancer Tarotscope

Cancer October Tarotscope

What you have been waiting and wishing for is finally coming to fruition – A wish is coming true. But it’s not happening out of the blue; It’s happening thanks to all the hard work you have been doing to open your heart to love, so give yourself a big pat on the back.

New love in the romantic sense is one possibility with this trio of cards. It can also relate to a deepening of affection in already existing relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself or with your spirit guides. Your intuition can be trusted and is getting ever more finely tuned this month.

Affirmation: I am love.

Leo Tarotscope

Leo October Tarotscope

A work-related choice is coming up for you this month and new beginnings are on the cards. This could relate to a change of careers from something more sensible to something more creative. Alternatively, if you are staying in the same job, it could relate to having to choose between two new projects.

You are called to exercise your own authority and go with choice that resonates best with you and your own vision for the future. Do not feel as if you need to justify your choice to anyone – All that matters is that stay true to your own self. It is also likely that you will find yourself in a position of leadership.

Affirmation: I forge my own path and make the most joyful choice for me.

Virgo Tarotscope

Virgo October Tarotscope

Other people, including authority figures will influence your choices and possibilities to a larger extent than usual in October. You will need to be patient and persevere, especially with regards to any emotionally manipulative people in your life. And yes, this most certainly relates to the Venus Rx which looms large for most of October.

The Hierophant is showing up as a reminder to dig deep into your spiritual tool box for tried and tested coping methods, foremost of which is obviously to hand your troubles directly to a Higher Power by whichever name you know this Power.

Affirmation: I rise above and entrust my troubles to a Higher Power.

Libra Tarotscope

Libra October Tarotscope

A wonderful month for socialising in spite of the Venus Rx for you, dear Libra! New love could be on the cards and you want to make sure to not turn down any invitations to parties or other events because you are likely to meet a new love interest on a night out or at a gathering in a friend’s home.

As long as you are mindful of the Venus Rx and some of the pitfalls, it should be safe for you to fall in love – especially if you step on the brakes a bit until Venus enters Libra on Halloween. Take your time getting to know this new person and make sure their motives are pure/in tune with your own. Remember that trust is earned.

Affirmation: I enjoy making new connections and use discernment before I give my heart away.

Scorpio Tarotscope

Scorpio October Tarotscope

I can just hear your snort when I tell you that ‘No rest for the wicked’ seems to be a theme this month. However, even though you may feel as if things are getting on top of you rather a lot as you juggle your various commitments, you should totally make quality me-time a priority.

You see, there is deep healing work to be done and this really is the ideal time of year for – Especially after the Sun enters your own sign on the 23rd. There are more layers to uncover, more understanding to be had… but if you choose to busy yourself constantly, you will have to revisit this work at a time when it is less auspicious, so schedule 10 minutes a day for any form of healing or shadow work that you feel drawn to.

Affirmation: I make space for relaxation and deep healing every day.

Sagittarius Tarotscope

Sagittarius October Tarotscope


You may feel as if you need to charge off on a new adventure but travels may have to be put on hold due to work commitments you have made or poor health. It is important that you nurture your feeling self in spite of this though, so think about other (more realistic) outlets for your longing for adventure.

What flights of fancy can you take off on? What creative projects might provide you with the escape you need? Take a moment to connect with your heart and ask what can be born now. Life can be exciting even when we can’t travel if you look at broadening the horizon of our minds by learning new skills, for instance.

Affirmation: I align my longing for adventure with what wishes to born from my Higher Self.

Capricorn Tarotscope

Capricorn October Tarotscope

It’s safe to say that you have rarely been more certain of what work needs to be done and what skills you need to improve to achieve your goals. You are also keen to harness your inner guidance, balancing your intellect with your intuition.

You are in the process of creating the perfect environment for creating something of lasting value. Don’t let anything hold you back! The devil may be in the detail but don’t let a sense of perfectionism hold you back either. You must trust that when you strive for excellence, excellence is indeed what you achieve.

Affirmation: My inner guidance is in perfect balance with my intellect as I work on my legacy.


Aquarius Tarotscope

Aquarius October Tarotscopes

A breakthrough in communication that will bring you closer to your loved ones or your beloved. In the case of the latter this could lead to a commitment and an engagement. This is a great time for showing friends and family how much you care for them, remembering that actions speak louder than words.

Venus retrograde isn’t always bad and in your case, you will be reaping the benefits of previous wisdom/shadow work. Your love for the truth has helped you overcome many obstacles and self-imposed limitations.

Affirmation: I speak with compassion to create closer and more stable relationships.


Pisces Tarotscope

Pisces October Tarotscope

The exact card corresponding with the Venus retrograde until she enters Libra on 31 October is found here and it is the 5 of Cups. The figure in the card is facing the 4 of Wands. You are likely to revisit regrets about some of your closes relationships, especially those you had really high hopes for and that made you feel jilted, cast out from the warmth of the hearth and isolate in some way.

It’s all good though because as you release these regrets, you will also let go of a sense of apathy and make room for more creative fire. You may also find that your libido improves as you engage with heart healing in full awareness. By the end of the month, you should be fully focused on the two cups still standing rather than crying over past spilled milk.

Affirmation: I am done with the past.



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