Oracle of the Dragonfae

October Tarotscopes

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Oracle of the Dragonfae

Hey, have you been looking froward to this month’s Tarotscopes? Let’s find out what’s in store for the month ahead! For the October Tarotscopes I’m working with Waite Smith Tarot and have pulled a card from the Oracle of the Dragonfae for a general message for all of us as well.

Oroki brings us a message about the importance to mind our boundaries – both physical and ethereal. Are you giving too much of yourself to a situation where you feel your efforts are not appreciated? Are your valuables kept in a safe place? Are you offering advice where people didn’t ask for it? There are many ways of minding our boundaries, including using tried and tested psychic protection tools and rituals. Have a think about which boundaries you may need to enforce now… You know what they say, ‘Better safe than sorry!’

Check your Sun, Moon and Rising sign Tarotscopes to get a more complete idea of what October has in store for you. For each of the signs I’m reading the cards as main theme, challenge and action advice. I also take the quint by adding the numbers of the cards together and (if need be) reducing them to a number between 1-22, rendering the spiritual lesson for the month. 22 gives us The Fool. The other cards are counted according to their traditional number, with the court cards counting as 11 for the Page, 12 for the Knight, 13 for the Queen and 14 for the King.

October Tarotscopes

Aries Tarotscopes October

Aries – The focus in October for you is work/studies but you may find it difficult to focus because your heart may not be in it. You feel a pull toward adventure and could easily find yourself getting bored with the tasks at hand this month. Still, you will have to buckle down and get the work done. The trick to feel OK about it is to give yourself little mini retreats and to be honest about how you feel. Certain aspects of your life are restricted this month, especially with regards to travel. It is better to accept it… and to know that this too shall pass! This month’s spiritual theme is The Hierophant. This is a very heavy Earth energy which grates against your Fire sign nature but if you adapt to it enough to get your tasks done you will come out stronger on the other side of October.

Taurus Tarotscope October

Taurus – Holy cow, we have a bit of a rollercoaster this month! Lots happening socially which looks lovely but also a need to be prepared for the unexpected with The Tower. Make sure you have a bit of an energy reserve to deal with anything that crops up. Partying until all hours is not recommended because you will need to make sure you sleep well so that you can keep hold of the wheel in the daytime. Make sure you have some quality me-time that you spend studying and contemplating with The Hermit as the quint/spiritual lesson for this month. This will also help you be mentally prepared for any surprises.

Gemini October Tarotscope

Gemini – Travel could be on the cards for you this month. At any rate, you will feel like getting away from someone whose expectations and emotional manipulation you can’t seem to escape. The best approach is to be very direct with them and talk things through. Let them know that you don’t do passive aggressive and if they can’t accept that, maybe they don’t need to be in your life. Besides, you need your energy for your new creative projects this month (The Empress as the quint). There will be no shortage of brilliant new ideas. Don’t delay – Get to work on them straight away!

Cancer Tarotscope October

Cancer – You could run into some opposition and/or arguments at work this month. Try to reach a resolution that will serve the highest good of All. The situation could potentially drain you of energy unless you remember to draw on Source energy daily. The other thing you can do to cope better with added stress/pressure is to ask people for help. Anything that can be delegated, should be delegated is a good rule of thumb for October. This month is not great for new beginnings or charging ahead without careful planning. Delays are to be expected. Because we have The Hanged Man as the quint for October, we can surmise that all these challenges and obstacles can help birth a new, more useful perspective. Be patient with yourself and others.

Leo October Tarotscope

Leo – Oh wow, look at all that Earth energy for you this month! It’s a good month for getting very practical about your health and fitness goals. Come up with a cunning plan and stick to it. You’ll be really glad you did because it will pay off. I get the feeling that with a bit of grit and determination there isn’t anything you can’t achieve. The same goes for any study goals or writing projects that you may be involved with. The Hermit reappears as the quint for October, so anything relating to his realm will be worth while to pursue: studying, writing, health goals, research and any kind of work that demands great attention to detail.

Virgo October Tarotscope

Virgo – The King of Pentacles puts the focus on business, health and money matters for you this month. Some chapter of your life is drawing to a close and it seems you could struggle a bit with this emotionally. Perhaps things didn’t work as well as you hoped they would or maybe you are simply not ready to quit yet. With the Hermit as the quint, the best way to cope with any sense of loss or grief, besides being honest with yourself about how you feel, is to make time for yourself to listen to your heart, do some journaling and contemplate all that has happened. This process will lead to healing, closure and the kind of wisdom The Hermit is renowned for.

Libra October Tarotscope

Libra – Who’s yanking your chain this month, my lovely? Is someone trying to engage you in endless arguments? Think carefully about your interactions and if they are actually useful, or you could end with an energy deficit. There is a project that will demand quite a lot of you this month, in terms of both your skills/talents and your ability to work together with others in a team effort. Hence it is even more important for you to choose your battles wisely. The danger with The Devil is, of course, that the very thing which drains you is something that you are totally hooked on so look at ways of freeing yourself from any drama. Core values are being tested with The Hierophant as the quint. Becoming clear about your own core values will be helpful in keeping your boundaries sound and your energy levels high.

Scorpio October Tarotscope

Scorpio – In October you get a chance to evaluate if your interactions are equal in terms of give and take. The challenge is for you to assert your own will/desire. Can you do so and still listen to the needs of the other person(s) involved with an empathetic ear? Of course you can! Avoid taking a passive-aggressive stance or involving yourself in games of emotional manipulation and all will be well… In fact, with Judgment as your quint, this month’s lessons could be life-changing!

Sagittarius October Tarotscope

Sagittarius – Family life and matters are very much in focus this months. Not a great month for those of you who are trying to conceive though. Focus on creating harmony within yourself and in all your relationships instead. Acknowledge the areas that need improving and/or could do with a more diplomatic approach. The Hermit as the quint means you will need to seek balance between spending time with loved ones and carving out time for yourself and the things that help you feel happy and energised.

Capricorn October Tarotscope

Capricorn – There is no denying that your energy levels are low off and on this month. What has you feeling so bored? Where is your mental focus? Are you looking more at the problems than at actively seeking out solutions? Try to broaden your vision and seek inspiration to avoid boredom and apathy. The King of Wands is a take charge kinda guy. He is a leader and not a follower. You need to lead yourself out of the funk you’re in this month. Strength as your quint is very much about focusing on playing and doing more of the things that light you up… so turn your favourite music on and start dancing!

Aquarius October Tarotscope

Aquarius – Any community project you involve yourself this month iw likely to cause quite a bit of a stir, and you may find yourself in the spotlight whether you asked for it or not. Graciously accept that others look to you for leadership in this situation and allow your inner light to shine. You have great knack to discern how to create a legacy for the future that doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bath water but uses that which works from traditional sources. This is a great month for personal/spiritual growth with The Chariot as the quint.

Pisces October Tarotscope

Pisces – An important decision about your work or money matters is on the cards for you in October. A boss or authority person may prove to be challenging in this process. Don’t wear yourself out over this. Know that your best is good enough and try not to take what this other person does personally. Strength is the quint for you, so be compassionate with yourself and others. Small acts of kindness will go a long way to soothe sore feelings. How can you be kinder to yourself in October? Could you ask someone to help out more to relieve you of some of the stress?


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  2. Thanks, Lisa! We are still working on that house-buying project and are scheduled to close on a small bungalow at the end of October (yes, on Samhain/Hallowe’en!). As a sun-sign Pisces, I definitely relate to the reading here. I’ll need to balance my mushy Sun-sign side with my Libra ascendant and Cancer Moon to stay focused on making this new home thing work. And it will take some continued juggling of the financials to get there. I will be kind to myself, though. Promise!

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