Pick a Card for 12-18 November – Week Ahead Reading

Pick a Card for 12-18 November – Week Ahead Reading

 Pick a Card for 12-18 November – Week Ahead Reading

Happy FriYay, my friends! For today’s week ahead messages, I have dusted off my copy of the Swiss 1JJ – Inspired by seeing it used by a friend on social media this morning. It’s a lovely deck and now that I am doing more Marseille style readings, I will be using it more often. Instead of pulling a rune or alchemy stone to go with each card, we’ll pull a card from the Unicorn Tarot and do a combination reading with two different Tarot decks.

When you use more than one full deck, you give the Tarot a chance to repeat a Key, in order to emphasise a message or the dominance of one particular energy… So let’s see if that happens here!

Like last week, I am using the Secret Language of Color Cards for a general guidance message from Spirit for us all.

You may find it helpful to release any tension, ground and centre before choosing your individual card combination. Having a randomised digital draw will work just as well though – Synchronicity is still at play!

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

General Spirit Guidance

Jupiter moved into Sagittarius yesterday and will stay there for a year and a bit, until December 2019. Jupiter, the Great Beneficent in its own sign, Sagittarius, is a great nudge for us all to expand into religion, philosophy and higher learning in general. We connect to the Divine through our hearts and minds. Pearl as an Oracle from Spirit here is to start training our minds to dwell on what is good.

In order to allow our minds to dwell less on the crap we see in the news and on social media, we need to study about spirituality and the Craft we practice, and to look at how we can use this knowledge to connect to the Divine horizontally through our fellow man and all living beings.

Seek the Divine with all your mind, all your heart and all your soul in the week ahead. Open up to guidance to come flooding in if you feel that you are out of whack with your calling and/or Higher Self. Get up earlier in the morning and bookend your days with prayer. Create a new habit that makes the Divine your priority.

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Tarot Week Ahead Messages Reveal

 Pick a Card for 12-18 November – Week Ahead Reading Reveal

You chose Tarot card combination number 1

2 of Swords with The Tower is a heads up that you will need a strategy for keeping your peace of mind in the week ahead. You need to brace yourself for the unexpected and perhaps some shocking news.

Travel may be delayed or cancelled due to accidents happening on your intended route. Be cautious and make peace of mind your main aim this week. Re-read the general guidance from Spirit above. Allowing your mind to dwell on spiritual truth and wisdom will serve as protection.

For the relationship: A need for diplomacy is indicate. You may not be able to avoid conflict/confrontation but you can still choose to stay in harmony and retain your own peace of mind. You could be dealing with an angry person or be forced to look at your own anger issues.

You chose Tarot card combination number 2

The King of Pentacles with The Chariot indicates that the week ahead will be excellent for business and any decisions you need to make about finances. You will have clarity and force of will to get things done. Your practical mindset ensures that your decisions and actions will benefit everyone around you.

This may be a good week for buying a vehicle or planning your next vacation. Travel/commuting should run smoothly.

Overall a GREAT week to get stuff done, so roll up your sleeves and get to work. You’ll thank yourself and may even gain recognition for your hard work once you have successfully completed it.

For the relationship: You are dealing with a strong-willed and rather hard-headed person this week… or YOU are that person. In case of the latter, watch out for a tendency toward thinking it’s ‘my way or the highway’ and try to soften your stance, listen and observe more with the eyes of the heart.

You chose Tarot card combination number 3

The Page of Swords with The Moon tells us that this week is a great week to become the student in order to ultimately become victorious over the things that threaten to pull you under into overwhelming fear and anxiety. If you decide to detach just enough to start asking questions about how to gain victory over your monkey-mind and nightmares, you will make great headway this week.

This is also a great week to start a meditation practice if you do not already have one in place.

There may be a need to do more research before committing to anything that will take up a lot of your energy resources. Not everything is as it seems at the moment. It’s better to ask one question too many now, rather than not question what is happening at all.

To the relationship: Communicate your worries to your loved ones. They will be more compassionate and understanding than you may realise. It is always better to get any anxiety out of your head and verbalise it. Writing about it may be helpful too. There could be misunderstandings in close relationships because one or both of you don’t want to reveal their true feelings out of fear of how they will be perceived.




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