pick a card for free week ahead tarot guidance

Pick a Card – Free Tarot Guidance for the Week Ahead

pick a card for free week ahead tarot guidance

No way is it Friday already! I’ve felt caught in a time warp this week, working from dawn until just before bed time, trying to get everything done… yet feeling I’ve accomplished so little at the end of the week. Yet I know that so much that had to happen happened under the surface this week and I have spent my evenings reading, feeding my soul in complete amazement of how much of the old I’m actually ready to release now. Are you feeling it too? I realise I’m not alone in having a sense of urgency and a feeling that things are happening very rapidly now.

For this week’s Pick-a-Card Free Week Ahead Tarot card reading, I have chosen to work with my own Frideborg Tarot and a brand new deck that arrived with Mr Postman only a few decks ago, i.e. the visually stunning ‘Keepers of the Light‘ by Kyle Gray with artwork by Lily Moses.

We had a group discussion about reading with apps recently… so this week, as an experiment, I want you to hop on over to random.org and put in numbers 1-3 to let a computer choose a randomised draw for you rather than relying on your intuition. The point of this experiment is to see of synchronicity is still at work. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether or not to take part… and if you prefer, you can still put yourself in a relaxed state of mind by taking a few deep breaths, releasing any tension on the out-breath, before making your intuitive selection. Either way, please let me know how your week ahead message resonates in the comments!

This week’s ‘middle bit’ to keep you from peeking at the cards in the reveal is a bit of blatant self-promotion for the 79 card Frideborg Tarot deck (The Black Cat is the ‘extra’) I’m using this week. As you may be aware, it has been out of print for a few months now but I’ve had people email me to request a copy, so I thought I would make the deck available in a ridiculously small print run of between 10 or 20 decks over the summer, depending on interest. Simply click on the image below to open a new window from where the deck is available to pre-order if you think you would like your very own copy of this super rare deck (60 copies made to date).


reveal for the free week ahead tarot reading

  1. Combo one is for you! Saint Germain and Strength combine to form a message about the ability to let go of very old patterns now. These are patterns that have blocked you from fully owning your spiritual power. The colour in the St Germain card is significant. Spend time daily in meditation with the purifying violet flame until you are able to scan your aura and know that you have no attachments, hooks or leakages left. Things, people and situations that used to have power over you will simply start to fade away. Affirmation: I am taking back my power in all directions of time and space. I am here now, fully embodied and ready to be of divine service to mankind.
  2. Combo two is for you! White Eagle and the 5 of Pentacles combine with a message of healing of poverty consciousness. This is about an inherited thought pattern so you are invited to take a good look at how your ancestors dealt with abundance as well as what you have been taught directly. It is time to shift that old thought paradigm and White Eagle has shown up to do just that. Understand that Patriarchy fosters both greed and lack, the latter being the fear of there not being enough to go around… which is a lie. Affirmation: I live an abundant Universe and choose to embody a mindset of abundance and generosity which aligns me with Nature Herself.
  3. Combo three is for you! The Shekinah combines with the King of Pentacles to show you that your openness to spiritual guidance will serve you well at work in the week ahead. If you are self-employed this is a sure sign that any inner guidance you have this week about taking a new direction for your business will lead to increased abundance. It is important for you to not limit Spirit by balking at things that seem too ‘far out’ because we need strong leaders who are not afraid to introduce new concepts. The time is now and the world is ready so you’d better be ready too! Affirmation: I trust that I am divinely guided with regards to all business matters, innovative ventures and collaborations.


So Much Love!

Lisa Frideborg

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