Week Ahead Pick a Card Reading with the Tarot Decoratif

Pick-a-Card Week Ahead Tarot Reading

Week Ahead Pick a Card Reading with the Tarot Decoratif

What a beautiful week it has been – so full of difficult lessons and yet so much grace in integrating them. In true Pisces Full Moon fashion, most of what has been going on has been happening under the surface. Things have bubbled up to the surface more than once in the past few days though… Some things have been revealed in the reflection of Luna… things that were able to hide well enough in the shadows of the psyche for a long time. Things have been revealed in the world too… and it is just as it should be.

My own North Node in Pisces was in exact conjunction with the Moon-Neptune double whammy and I have been… um ‘triggered’ in all the right ways. The future pull my North Node feels more relevant to my here and now. I can start looking back on the recent Eclipse Season and everything that has happened since I first acknowledged my soul’s calling to be of service to the Divine Feminine back in April.

Helping with this integration to a much bigger degree than I first anticipated is working my way through the Hero’s Journey Tarot challenge by Alison Spokes. Interestingly, so far 7 out of 8 daily draws have been from the Major Arcana and the Piscean Moon card has surfaced not once but TWICE in that time.

(Now is a good time to make your card selection for the week ahead before scrolling down for the reveal)

Synchronicity is incredibly strong right now and this became evident for the spiritual theme message relevant to all of us for the week ahead. As was shuffling, I focused on what we needed to know about integrating the Eclipse Season energies and what surfaced in the wake of the Full Moon… I had even made my selection of crystals with this in mind… and voil√†!

The message is clear: by integrating all that has happened in conscious awareness, striving to unite mind, body and soul in the light of this awareness so that we are in harmony both vertically and horizontally (i.e. not projecting our shadow stuff on others), we are able to help humanity as a whole to progress…


  1. You chose card one. The High Priestess means that you benefit most from a quiet and receptive focus for the main part in the week ahead. Pay attention to and honour your intuitive nudges and deep inner knowing. There is also a possibility of more revelations in the week ahead, as well as the possibility of realising that someone you have been trusting is keeping something from you. Just make sure that someone isn’t you. You can’t control anybody else but you can avoid self-deception by being completely honest about your feelings. The Shadow Priestess can be quite manipulative. Allow for guidance to surface in dreamtime by setting the intent to remember your dreams before you fall asleep. Try to wake up a bit earlier than usual for optimum dream recall if this is something you feel drawn to try, since remaining in bed is better for vivid and detailed ‘playback.’
  2. You were irresistibly drawn to card two. Your focus for the week ahead is action and adventure, with the Leo of Knight of Wands. This can be a deeply heart-centred energy if you stay mindful of your own emotions and honour those of others, since Leo rules the heart. At its best this energy is generous (even magnanimous) and loves to engage others in play. At its worst this Knight is the worst ‘me, me, me!’ character out of all the Court Cards. He can also be accident prone, so try to think ‘safety first’ before you set off on your adventure. Someone with a lot of Leo energy about them could come into your life or take on a more prominent role this week. As action advice, take this card as a green light for doing more of what you truly love, actively seeking out fun and adventure. What lights you up will make the world brighter too!
  3. You were not able to avoid number 3. The Hermit as your main focus this week makes it likely that you will want/need more me-time than usual. It could also be a sign that you are in harmony of the current Virgo energies since the corresponding Zodiac sign for this card is Virgo. This is not a great week for creating emotional connections with others or starting dating but you can make great headway with regards to work and studies since your mind is keen and your eye for detail above average now. Health matters could also be in focus, especially with regards to digestion and gut health. Action advice for the Hermit would be to try to avoid being overly critical with yourself or others as this energy can be quite persnickety. Try instead to put yourself in a more chilled state of mind through reading, contemplation and meditation.


Have a blessed week!





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