pick a card week ahead messages tarot 16 november

Pick a Card for the Week Ahead!

pick a card week ahead messages tarot 16 november

Happy Thursday, my friends! The ‘Pick a Card’ week ahead messages are being posted a day early since I’m taking a few days off for some quality time offline with family and fur babies. So these messages are for the week beginning 20 November. However, because the Oracle of the Dragonfae decided to give us the New Moon Fae card (New Moon on Saturday), I feel the reason for this week’s messages going up early could be twofold. I recommend you hop on over to yesterday’s post for some New Moon guidance as well as this will go hand in hand with the messages for the week ahead.

Before scrolling down to read about the general message Spirit has for us this week, make your selection above. It may help to take a couple of deep breaths to relax and centre your energy before choosing your card. Don’t worry if you feel you can’t make your mind up. Using a digital randomizer works just as well since the principle of synchronicity is in no way bound to our brains.

Spirit Message for the Week Ahead

New Moon Fae Oracle of the Dragonfae Week Ahead Guidance

This is a message about our resistance to the intense New Moon energy this weekend and a red flag for what is likely to be a pattern of avoidance in the week ahead if we do not surrender and attune.

This New Moon is begging us for ‘enrealment’ – of letting go of anything that stands between us and our most embodied/empowered Wild Self. Any shame associated with being a person who feels deeply and has abilities that are not usually appreciated by patriarchal society must go now. Attune to Nature, the Moon and trust yourself, trust yourself… trust yourself.

When the darkness sets in, it is to deliver and not to harm. When the darkness and bleakness that could so easily tempt us to turn to food, drink or endless hours of screen time to numb our minds, what we really need to do is howl to the Dark Moon. When we do this, as the Moon waxes so will our power and sense of self.

Pick a Card Reveal

Card number 1

You chose the 5 of Pentacles (Mercury in Taurus). You may find yourself battling some financial constraints this week. Do not feel you have to hang your head in shame over this. Ask for help if you need to. Talk things through with friends for a fresh perspective and new ways to resolve any money problems. This is also a good week for a health check-up. Take extra good care of yourself and avoid turning to food/drink soothe any anxiety. It is better by far to tackle the problems head on for peace of mind. The corresponding Archangels are Anael (Taurus) and Raphael (Mercury).

Card number 2

You chose the Magician (Mercury). A good time to really harness that New Moon energy for new beginnings. You have the focus all the resources you need to go ahead at your fingertips. Move forward with confidence in your self and your talents. This is a great week for clear communication and putting your point across. Great week to begin new writing projects. The corresponding Archangel is Raphael.

Card number 3

You chose the 2 of Swords (Moon in Libra). Use the New/Waxing Moon energy this week to help you bring your heart and mind into alignment. Be patient with yourself.  Don’t worry about not being able to see exactly where your path will take you as long as you know you are aligned with your soul’s calling for what you do next. Choose peace. The Archangels corresponding with the 2 of Swords are Gabriel (Moon) and Anael (Libra).

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  1. hello, ty for sharing this reading 🙂
    I have a question, what type of work/career is related to the magician?
    Thank you very much, blessings!

    1. Post

      Hi Nicky, anything related to communication, public speaking, coaching, being on stage (stage magician being the most obvious)… Also jobs involving research and even spying. Casino work would suit the trickster side of this Archetype. Mediumship is also a good fit for bring messages from the beyond… I’d say it would depend on who you are reading for, as well as surrounding cards. It’s rarely as straightforward as pulling one card to answer what the best career is. Blessings, Lisa

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