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September Tarotscopes

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Autumn is just around the corner… I could smell it on the morning air when I walked the dogs this morning. We are coming out of a tumultuous eclipse season, hopefully with more clarity after we have had some time to consolidate and integrate the lessons this brought. On the 6th of September we have a Full Moon in Pisces and this is also the day of Mercury stationing direct in Leo. If you are still feeling a bit confused, this should clear a few days later when Mercury moves into Virgo on the 10th. The Virgo New Moon happens on the 20th – a great time to set goals and create affirmations for work, health and studies.

For this month’s Tarotscopes I’m working with the beautiful Tarot of Trees by Dana O’Driscoll. As usual, please check your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for the bigger picture this month. For each of the signs I’m reading the cards as main theme, challenge and action advice. I also take the quint by adding the numbers of the cards together and (if need be) reducing them to a number between 1-22, rendering the spiritual lesson for the month. 22 gives us The Fool, all the other Keys keep their traditional number.

Aries Tarotscope for September

Aries – The main theme showing here is relationship harmony. Aries, you like to be frank and speak your truth but you may need to rein yourself in this month… unless you burning bridges is really your thing. You may encounter someone who doesn’t treat your fairly. When you find yourself getting short-changed, don’t assume the worst – it could be an honest mistake. Restore balance by stating your rights and boundaries without pointing a finger. The spiritual lesson we get here through the quint for the three cards above is Justice – re-emphasising that relationship harmony and diplomacy are really important for you to focus on in September. Any of you who have legal issues pending should be successful, especially with regards to financial compensation.

Taurus Tarotscope for September

Taurus – Whether you are officially enrolling in a class or not this term, study is a big focal point for you. It is time to seek out silence and contemplate/integrate for a better understanding of where you are at in your life right now. Temperance speaks of a need for bringing masculine and feminine energy into harmony within your own heart. Actively engaging in the process of soul alchemy springs to mind with the combination of the first two cards. The action advice is to cut out from your life what no longer serves you. Cut your losses ans walk away from drama. With the Magician as the quint/spiritual lesson for the month, there is an element of taking ownership of your spiritual journey, as well as actively deciding to explore a new path.

Gemini Tarotscope for September

Gemini – The possibility of (self-)deception is highlighted for you this months. The antidote is the frank energy of the Aries Queen of Wands. Spend as much time in nature as possible to ground your energy and blow the cobwebs off your mind. You need to forge ahead with what you are truly passionate about and not worry so much the ‘politics’ around your venture. The 4 of Pentacles as action advice speaks of the importance to have sound boundaries with people you are dealing with, as well as watch your spending. Now is not the time to splurge or invest huge sums – you simply don’t have the necessary clarity. Your own Major, the Gemini energy Lovers card, shows as the quint/spiritual lesson here. Discernment is the key. If you are not 100% sure that the choice you are about to make is both wise and necessary it is better to stall for now.

Cancer September Tarotscope

Cancer – Really focus on getting your finances in order this month as financial matters are highlighted for both the main issue and the challenge. It’s easy for Cancerians to get stuck in a rut but it looks like the Universe is giving you healthy dose of new energy this month so act on this without hesitation and choose a new, more helpful direction. New love or renewed romance for an already existing relationship could also be on the cards but you must not wait for the other to make the first move – reach out with the love you feel in your heart and it will surely be rewarded. The spiritual lesson/quint for this month is VII The Chariot and corresponds with your own zodiac sign, Cancer. This is cardinal water energy so trust your gut and move forward. Remember that you don’t need to see the whole path laid out before you to start moving. You are supported… nay blessed by the Universe!

Leo September Tarotscopes

Leo – Romance and friendships are in focus for you this month for sure with the 2 of Cups as the main issue the cards want to highlight but followed by the 5 of Pentacles it feels more like a possible break-up looming and if not a break-up then definitely a need to have firmer boundaries with a person that you have failed to put down healthy boundaries with. There seems to be considerable stress with this relationship so please take a time out and figure out how you can get your happy back before you act out of anger.  Know the difference between being decisive and aggressive – the former is always void of blame. The Hierophant as the quint/spiritual lesson speaks of someone that you have known a long time or even have some kind of contractual obligation with so this won’t be easy but rest assured that once you have integrated the lesson here, it will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Virgo September Tarotscopes

Virgo – this is the birthday month for many of you and your solar return will see you undergoing some major transformation or even initiation. These cards speak of a death of the self and the rebirth of a more decisive and well-boundaried version of yourself if you give yourself the time to contemplate what is going on in the depths.  I’m getting the 9/9 being an important date here too so use it for a mini retreat to honour your inner guidance. The quint/spiritual lesson here is The Emperor which means that it is time for you to take charge of your life purpose and set the course that best aligns you with your soul’s calling. It is time to start taking a bigger place in the world and assume the leadership position you are so well qualified for. You have studied and prepared and prepared and studied ad infinitum… now step up to the plate and share your deep wisdom with the world!

Libra September Tarotscopes

Libra – the Libra energies for the last third of the months give us the emphasis on the last ten days of september and the challenge then is to make a fair decision with regards to distribution of resources. For some of you it will simply be with regards to your personal energy and how you spend it at work, while for others it will put the emphasis on your closest relationships. In the last ten days of September you will face an important decision. You will have to either invest more or decide to pull back on how much you are spending (physical resources and/or emotional energy) on a certain situation/relationship in order to restore harmony. The World as the quint/spiritual lesson means that the decision you are facing toward the end of the month is likely to end one cycle of growth and begin a new one. This is to be expected as you are coming up to your solar return.

Scorpio Tarotscope September

Scorpio – Psychic and intuitive development is the focus for you in September. You will be able to level up but it will require dedicated effort and patience with yourself. This is not the time to overreach but to buckle down and set yourself a daily meditation schedule and stay faithful to your practice of recording dreams on waking. Not doing that yet? Then now is the time to get started – you can learn much this way and your spirit guides are literally lining up to work with you in dreamtime! The action advice is to be very aware of the ego’s monkey mind this month. In addition to regular meditation (first thing in the morning is best), you would well to stay in the mind of the Observer throughout the day, practising mindfulness. Otherwise you may fall prey to doubt and undo some of the progress you are making in your psychic development. The Gemini energy Lovers card as the quint strengthens the theme of a need for mindfulness and resonates with the 10 of Sword action advice (Sun in Gemini).

Sagittarius September Tarotscope

Sagittarius – Your emotional self is in focus for September. Known as not a sign to always want to dive into your emotions you will now have to grapple with a situation that stirs your emotions up from the very depth of you. Be patient with yourself and try to slow down so that the new perspective that is waiting to be born can now emerge. Some of the things you repressed in the past are now coming up for healing. This will lead to a change in the kind of people you want to be around with the 6 of Swords as the action advice. I see this as a card of friendship. Some of them are stuck in the water like the three swords in the image. Try to rescue them and you’ll drown with them… The other three swords could be a new set of friends, waiting on the other side of your emotional healing/transformation. The Empress as the spiritual lesson for the month of September says that your emotions are on some level connected to Mother issues.

Capricorn September Tarotscope

Capricorn – See that mountain just beyond the two pine trees in the 2 of Wands…? You want to be there, using those mountain goat legs of yours to climb all the way to the top… you just can’t see how yet and you are waiting for the right person to support you on the way there. You don’t even know what tasks you should prioritise right now and that is causing you to feel confused and apathetic, perhaps even irritable. The Knight of Cups is reminding you to follow your heart even when it doesn’t make sense. Sense and serenity will come from being extremely patient with yourself and going within, surrendering ever deeper to divine guidance. You would do well to pay attention to your dreams this month. Keep a dream journal and make sure to stay hydrated as well. With Strength as the spiritual lesson, the real reason why you have to be patient with yourself now is so that you will realise once and for all that all you need is found within your own self… right there, inside your heart.

Aquarius September Tarotscope

Aquarius – You’re not playing this month. Normally, if there is a gathering of people or an interesting topic of discussion (preferably both), you’ll be there but a lot of it will feel a but ‘meh’ to you in September. Your indecision is actually a good thing if you see it as an opportunity to get more in tune with your heart. It’s easy for you to be in the head and you always have the best (though sometimes bizarre) ideas. It’s not as easy for you to stay heart-centred and compassionate toward self and others. Strength as the action advice says that staying at home feeling ‘meh’ about it all is not the way forward. To awaken more of the heart energy, simply play more. Gathering with others doesn’t always have to be for some cause, it can be for simply playing and having fun together too. Go against the feeling of lethargy and you will begin to connect more deeply with others than ever before. This can be a month of tremendous growth for you. The Fool as the quint tells us about new and unexpected ways of regaining your va-va-voom. Being stuck in a rut never suited you anyway!

Pisces September Tarotscope

Pisces – Spiritual development is very much in focus for you in September. You have reached a new level of maturity that enables you to make better choices and to feel completely competent about staying surrendered to divine guidance on your Path. A final exam in the form of a choice regarding your life purpose is on the cards for you this month. I see you aceing it and moving forward to connect with people who are very supportive of your next steps, provided you actively reach out and do the necessary networking. With Magician as the quint we have confirmation that you have everything you need and are ready to begin this new venture that brings you into full alignment with your calling. You may find yourself taking on a new leadership role as well. An exciting month, full of opportunities!


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