Soul Alchemy Forecasts 4-10 March

Soul Alchemy Forecasts 4-10 March

Happy Friday, my friends! Hope you’ve had a good week. Here in the UK, we have had to contend with ‘The Beast from the East’ and while it’s been fun to watch the dogs play in the snow, I’m over the cold now. Meteorological spring started yesterday and it was probably the coldest day of the year. Never mind, it’s time for the Soul Alchemy Forecasts 4-10 March!

How these readings work

If you are new to this type of getting a reading and not sure how it works, it can be summed up in the Jungian term ‘synchronicity.’ Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence where an occurrence or event mirrors something happening in your life or deep within your psyche. This is not about cause and effect but about events occurring alongside each other for reasons that are acausal but have to do with the fact that everything is connected through the Anima Mundi.

Hence, when you make your selection above mindfully and intuitively (or allow a digital randomizer to choose), this will line up with what is happening in your life on some level. Not everything in the message may relate to your situation so the advice is to take only that which resonates. I would also advice you to study the images in the selection you made and reflect on how they relate to what is happening in your life now. Give yourself the gift of pausing to contemplate so that you can set yourself up for a great week.

For this week’s forecasts we are focusing on what to release in the weeks after the most recent Full Moon. Consider this your nudge to a psychic spring/autumn clean before the arrival of the equinox on the 20th (same for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere).

How to make your selection

Before you scroll down for the reveal, take moment to centre yourself using your breath to first ground any nervous energy or tension. Relax and close your eyes for a moment. When you open your eyes, they will be drawn to the symbol/number of the combination in the image above that is meant for you.

For this week’s forecasts I’m working with the Bach Flower Inspirational Cards, Alchemy Stones and the Thelema Tarot.

Soul Alchemy Forecasts 4-10 March Reveal

Soul Alchemy Forecasts March 4-10

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 1

Wild Rose, Saturn and The World (corresponding with Saturn) speak of the completion of a cycle of learning and soul growth. There has been a harsh aspect to this cycle so insidious that you have resigned yourself on some level that this is just how things are… Life sucks (in one or more areas), at least for you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

This is such an old pattern with you that it could even go back to past lives (especially with Saturn showing up twice). The cycle is ending soon because of all the work you have done so far. There is a not much further to go with this now… But you have to find a way of completely releasing the heavy feeling associated with this pattern, so that you can replace it with optimism and joie de vivre… Nobody else can do it for you.

Wild Rose Bach Flower remedy can help with this but you can also meditate and pray over this. Tell the Universe that you are done with the misery regarding _________ (fill in blank) and that you are willing to open up to joy and greater enjoyment of life. If you are not sure exactly what to fill in the blank with, think back as far back as you can and try to pinpoint that thing that has given you a sense of being stuck… It will be something along the lines of, ‘Others can have success in this area but it’s not for the likes of me.’

Turn this statement into a positive affirmation to use about yourself over the next couple of weeks. If you feel this resonates about your finances, for instance, make a statement such as: ‘I am financially stable and abundant.’ If it is about love try: ‘I am in a reciprocal and mutually beneficial love relationship with the right partner for me.’

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 2

Star of Bethlehem, Furnace and the 9 of Pentacles speak of releasing anything that makes you feel unhappy about being in your own skin – especially any habits and addictions that you have been using to compensate for a sense of loss and grief. You are called to actively be in charge of your health and wellbeing.

Star of Bethlehem speaks of some of your less than healthful habits being a direct result of shock, loss or trauma so you may need to identify what this is about before you start introducing more healthy habits and let go of addictive behaviours.

Think of what it is you are doing that isn’t helping your health and wellbeing now and what you can do instead. What fun and healthy replacement can you introduce over the next couple of weeks? Once you have identified the swap make a pact with yourself to stick with this new habit over the next couple of weeks.

It is even more important to identify the sense of emptiness that makes you indulge in the bad habit than it is to identify the habit itself. You don’t want that feeling to sneak up on you or overpower you. Choose to face it square on instead. Write about it… Paint it out of you. Dance it! This feeling is natural and not something to fear but you don’t it to be in charge of your health and habits. When you face it and ‘invite Mara to tea’ as Buddha said, you will find that it quickly loses power over you.

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 3

Mustard, Androgyne and the Knight of Cups tell me that you have come further along your spiritual journey than you give yourself credit for. The reason you still feel like you are failing is that you are besieged by depression out of the blue. You can’t identify the source of this heavy mood and it makes you feel as if you are not in charge of your own emotions.

Androgyne is a sign that you have good insight to your unconscious mind and that there is harmony between the conscious and unconscious realms of your psyche which makes it all the more puzzling why the bouts of depression still occur.

Some people are just wired this way. Chances are you are also wired to have highs unlike those of normal persons. You are highly creative, sensitive and passionate. Learn to celebrate who you are and release the need to be in control of your emotions. The Knight of Cups is the ‘Surfer Knight’ and rides the waves of his emotions; he doesn’t fear them. He goes where those waves take him, to his own delight and that of those around him… because more often than not, both the highs and the lows create beautiful art.

You will most likely find that the less you resist your natural lows, the less severe/harsh they will some. Some of them will be an invitation to rest and go within, others will be an invitation to get creative and express the darkness within.



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  1. Lately I see to be 1/2 and 1/2 – this week it’s 1/2 #1 and 1/2#2 . . . but put them together and wow! That’s ME! Thanks Angel Lisa . . . as usual – really appreciate the time you take to keep us all “together” . . . LOL

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  2. Thank you. I chose #3 and it is very true for me. I do suffer from depression – have since a child. You are correct, some of us are just wired this way. I love the Surfer King -riding the waves.

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