Soul Alchemy Tarot for the Week Ahead

Soul Alchemy Tarot for the Week Ahead

Happy Friday, my friends – Time for some Tarot for the week ahead! Hope you are keeping well and not experiencing any inclement weather. It’s starting to look a bit more like spring here in the North of England… finally! I did my morning stretches outside for the first time this year and soaked up some wonderfully warming rays… Ahhhhhh… Bliss! 

The decks we are working with this week are the Morgan-Greer Tarot with the Alchemy Stones for the pick-a-card/stone combo, and the Faery Forest Oracle by Lucy Cavendish for the general message from Spirit for the week ahead.

How these Readings Work

Simply take a couple of deep breaths, giving yourself a moment to ground and centre. Close your eyes and relax. Ask Spirit for guidance for the week ahead. Open your eyes and let them be drawn to combination 1, 2 or 3 above. If you prefer, you can allow a digital randomiser to do the selection for you. The principle of synchronicity will still be at work to ensure that the message your receive is relevant on some level.

General Guidance from Spirit for the Week Ahead

Freyr Faery Forest Oracle

Freyr is one of the Faery Kings. He brings you a message of homecoming. You are landing in your true spiritual identity at this time and accept/embrace all that you are completely. This new level of self-acceptance makes it possible for you to create greater prosperity, health and happier relationships because you are acting from your authentic and eternal core which never ceases to be in harmony with all of Creation.

Watch your gifts blossom in the week ahead as you will be naturally drawn to nurture them. You recognise the value of your unique gifts and find creative and playful ways of using them in a way that benefits everyone around you.

Your sensitivity to the unseen realm is a true treasure and you are valued far beyond what you realise. You are loved, lovable and your time matters. This week will end on a high as you find ever more moments of creative flow. People will be naturally drawn to hang out with you because you feel at ease and inspire feelings of ease int hem. Watch out for plenty of opportunities to prosper both financially and in terms of relationships/wellbeing. Blessed be!

Soul Alchemy Forecasts 11-17 March Reveal

Soul Alchemy Tarot for the Week Ahead 11-17 March

You chose Tarot card and alchemy stone combination number 1

The Knight of Wands with Primal Matter speak of a lust for adventure in the week ahead. This adventure could be one that leads to new levels of success and prosperity because your heart is aligned with the values ideals of your True Self. You look at the world around you with fresh eyes, as if you have awakened to a new reality where you are the hero in your own story. Allow your sense of playfulness to guide you. All of creation is a Divine expression of playfulness and you get to choreograph some if it… How fun is that?!

This is a great week for travel, taking centre stage, socialising and creative projects.

Your gift to the world this week is inspiring a sense of playfulness in others.


You chose Tarot card and alchemy stone combination number 2

The High Priestess and Air speak of increased mental clarity about your calling to work as a Wayshower, Seer or Spiritual Teacher/Guide. You will benefit from writing your thoughts and dreams down. Now is a good time for a Life Purpose reading for yourself or calling in on a fellow Seer for a reading. There is no rushing ahead now… You are still at the planning stage for your next venture/step which will become abundantly clear at the time of the New Moon on the 17th of March.

This is a great week for psychic development, meditation, writing and planning ahead.

Your gift to the world this week is deep wisdom, peace and empathy.


You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 3

The 10 of Wands together with Androgyne speak of a need for single-mindedness. You may feel tired and even close to burnout. Your energy stores have been depleted due to working too hard. The cure lies in simplifying your life, saying ‘No,’ cutting out elements that are not productive and delegating wherever possible. Ask yourself what your goal is for this week and write down (do a reading on) what will help you achieve this goal. You’ve got this and remember, ‘This too shall pass.’ Come the New Moon on Saturday, you will have reason to celebrate your hard work.

This is a great week for weeding out unproductive elements, focusing on the task at hand and tying up loose ends.

Your gift to the world this week is the ability to persevere and finish what you started.