Halloween Tarot week ahead messages pick a card Friday the 13th of October

Spooky Friday 13th Tarot Forecasts

Halloween week ahead Tarot forecasts pick a card Friday the 13th of October

There is nothing spooky about Friday the 13th per se. As you may be aware, this date has been vilified by patriarchal religion due to the number 13 and Fridays both being associated with the Goddess. 13 due to the fact that there are 13 Full Moons each year and Fridays being the day of the Goddess Freya/Venus.

However, we are coming up to Halloween and I’ve been itching to get my Halloween Tarot deck out and today feels like a good day to start the Halloween celebrations early with a spooky theme for our week ahead Tarot forecasts.

Halloween is known as Samhain (pronounced SOW-in) in Pagan circles and is the New Year station in the Pagan Wheel of the Year. This is when the veil is said to be at its thinnest, which is what makes communication with the Otherworld possible. I’m definitely starting to feel this thinning of the veil already and I’m loving it. Halloween/Samhain is my favourite Sabbat, with Imbolc (2 February) a close second.

Besides, the atmosphere is just right today. It’s very dark and stormy outside, plus I found this absolutely ginormous wolf spider in the kitchen just now. EEEEEK!

General Message from the Halloween Oracle

For the general week-ahead message from Spirit I have chosen another spooky deck to work with, the Halloween Oracle by Stacy Demarco. Before you scroll down to read what the individual Tarot forecasts are, now would be a good time to take a moment to make your selection. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax and allow your intuition to guide you… Or you can have this digital randomizer choose for you.

Zombie from the Halloween Oracle

This week, we are asked to be mindful where control is being used for less than honourable purposes. Are we seeking to control and manipulate others in any way… Or are we being subjected to power games by someone close who has an agenda? What can we do to free ourselves? How can we see beyond the illusion and (self-)deception?

Individual Week Ahead Tarot Forecasts – Reveal

The Halloween Tarot Week Ahead Forecasts Reveal

Card number 1

You were entranced by card number 1. The Ace of Imps is the Ace of Wands in a traditional Tarot deck. This card shows us that you may feel a surge of inspiration in the week ahead. The key, of course, is to act instantly on this inspiration if you are called to embark on a new creative endeavour.

Alternatively, you could experience strong sexual attraction to someone who may be off-limits in some way since our card for this week is ‘Zombie.’ You may have to exercise some self-control in order to avoid emotional manipulation which could end in disaster.

Card number 2

Card number 2 put a spell on you. The World is a big card to get for a week ahead forecast but it is not so strange to get it in the weeks leading up to Halloween/Samhain. This is a natural time in the Wheel for endings and new beginnings, as well as a great time for going within to evaluate what we have learned so far. Chances are you will have cause for celebration whether it is to do with completion of a course or another job well done. Travel could also be on the cards for you this week.

Being grateful for what you have experienced/achieved so far will propel you forward with grace toward your next adventure. This could also be an action call to give yourself closure about something you are not happy with or which didn’t end the way you hoped it would. No matter the outcome, you will have always have won if you learned something from what happened. It is time to forgive, let go and move on to greater things.

Card number 3

You were hexed by card number 3. Things are about to change pace with the 8 of Imps (Wands), so keep your hand on the gear lever. This week ahead message is a message about messages. There will be exchanges via email or text that could drastically alter your course and demand that you make swift choices.

If you have been moving at breakneck speed recently, this card could also be a message about a need to slow down. And whether or not that is true in your case, remember that slowing your breath right down can help you centre/focus when you find yourself having to make decisions with great haste.

Considering the general message for the week ahead, have you been keeping a comfortable pace (i.e. moving at your own speed) or is someone else dictating how fast you move? Maybe it’s time to break free…?

Have a great, spooky weekend, my friends!



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