Tarot Draconis Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Tarot Draconis Soul Alchemy Forecasts

Happy Fri-Yay, my friends! We are now in the month of Pisces. Imagination and emotional sensitivity are in focus. My imagination is tickled by the realm of Dragons so I thought we would work with the Tarot Draconis and the Oracle of the Dragonfae for this week’s forecasts. As usual, we also throw some Alchemy stones into the equation.

According to my astrologer friend, Helen Tremeer, there is a lot going on for mutable signs in the skies at the moment. That could explain why some of us are feeling more emotional and or muddled than usual. Pisces is a mutable Water sign. The other mutable signs are Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Regardless of what is happening in the Zodiac, the Tarot can help steer us right. Let us begin with looking at general spirit guidance for the week ahead.

(Now might be a good time to choose your Tarot and alchemy stone combination from the image at the top of the article, so that you can go straight to reveal after reading the general week ahead message.)

Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Hideki, a sweet little dragon that has been hiding in the Orient because of the general (and rather silly) fear of dragons in the West, has recently made his way back to his homeland. He is the keeper of a very special door. It’s the door you most open to embrace the unknown in order to make your dreams and desires come true. You have probably passed this door many times already… Well, this week, pause in front of it and ask yourself ‘What do I have to lose?’

The answer… Well, you know the answer… What are you waiting for?! If you’re too chicken to act now you will lose an opportunity that may not come around again. Ask the Dragons to help with courage if you seem to have misplaced yours.

Week Ahead Soul Alchemy Forecasts Reveal

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 1

The Queen of Swords together with the Philosopher’s Stone is a sign that you have a brainchild to put on stage. This is something that has been gestating in your mind for quite some time now, something that represents the sum total of your wisdom and that wants to be shared with the world. The sign that you are on the right track is how effortless and joyful this process will be. Let’s say you have been wanting to write a book in the past and have stumbled across one writer’s block after an other… Well, no more! Now is the time and you have the stuff… Get to work/play!

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.
~ Victor Hugo

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 2

There is no denying that you have been creatively constipated with the 5 of Wands and Water. The Element of Water is the key to unclogging the pipes of creativity in the month of Pisces. Have you been keeping an eye on the competition or comparing yourself to others? The more you engage in the competitive patriarchal thought paradigm, the more you will block the flow of your own original ideas.

You must go within and make room for your intuition to communicate. ‘But Lisa, how do I do that?,’ I hear you asking. Easy: You need to play and dream more. Daydreaming counts too. You will probably find that your best ideas come just as you are about to doze off or as you wake up from an unusually vivid dream.

You chose card and alchemy stone combination number 3

Ouroboros and the 7 of Wands is a sign to look for patterns in any conflicts you find yourself involved in or that you may even be stirring up yourself. Are you perhaps even shit stirring because you are bored and know you can win the fight quite easily?

You are returning to a well-known space this week and though it is not comfortable because there is something or someone you are in conflict with, you know that you keep being drawn to this scenario, almost as if you are restaging an old play over and over again.

Look closely at your own motivation and seek to understand why you hae had to revisit this old troublesome pattern once more even though you already ‘defeated’ this ‘foe’ many times before. Something within you is waiting to be refined, released or completely transformed. Ask yourself ‘How am I being my own worst enemy?’ Trust the answer to come. Once it does, you have detected the pattern and you will be able to release it.





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